Jun. 16th, 2017


Jun. 16th, 2017 04:27 pm
ateolf: (Zelda)
Last night I went up to the Ghost River taproom to see Ben Ricketts play a show with Crockett Hall (Ben is playing Memphis Concrète). This was more of his regular type of show, acoustic and semi-folky. He and Daniel (Crockett Hall) played together. Alternating between covers and each others' songs. There weren't a lot of people there. Well, for the first half there was a group of people playing Cards against Humanity at the table next to where they were playing then they left after a while and it was near empty. I also got to talk to Emma a little bit who I hadn't seen in forever. Work was pretty alright today. Some of that production issue but they had found the cause and it wasn't so bad. I left work early to make up for the time I'd worked on the issue (also went in a little late). It was good timing 'cuz my Memphis Concrète were ready to pick up and they're only open til 5! So I picked 'em up and they look REALLY damn good! I mean, like, really good. I'm pretty fucking happy with it. Okay. That's really about it for now.

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