Mar. 20th, 2019 01:05 pm
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Last night Mary Beth and I went up to Crosstown to see some Portuguese film shorts as presented by Indie Memphis. This was at the 430 gallery, which looks like is soon to no longer be in the hands of Crosstown Arts. The beautiful neon sign it's had is now gone and there's weird wood panel overlaying the exterior on top of the bricks that looks weird and out of place and stupid. Looks like Crosstown's been moving stuff out as well as this maybe is one of the last events to be held there. Not sure on any specifics, just impressions. The movies were good anyway. The last one was these peasants pulling a guy out of a well and it was slowly paced and had almost no dialog and just had the feeling and visuals/composition of an old painting (I think it was called Redemption or something like that?). That was my favorite. There was also one about hydrangeas overtaking the Azores islands and it was really good (it was called Flora or Flowers or something like that). Today was the last day of Big Room Planning, the half day. So I was there for that half the day and then come home just now a little after. Soon I'll be off to Big Ears!
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I made the little bit of artwork for the upload of my recording from Saturday. (Hey, I'll even include that link at the bottom of here!) And, after making the artwork...I uploaded it! Logical sequence of events! Later, Mary Beth and I caught up on the latest episode of Brooklyn 99 as is our wont. I went in to work a little later for Big Room Planning today. I didn't even have to stay in the big room for most of it. After we broke out, I went upstairs to try to finish working on setting up my Mulesoft stuff. Avi recommended I try to set it all up on a virtualbox, so I set up a virtual installation of Linux and...that worked! At least with the issue I'm having. It was a little annoying 'cuz I had to go through everything twice. I had everything almost set up and ready and then I ran out of space on my virtual disc. So I changed the amount of allocated space...and then it wouldn't boot up anymore. So ended up scrapping that and starting over with more space from the start. So after doing everything again, the part I was having trouble with before worked. Now I'm having an issue where it doesn't seem to be connecting to some database. Ugh. I hate setting shit up. I got the new Matmos album in the mail today...but they sent the vinyl and I'd ordered the cd! I emailed 'em about it so it should be fine, but that means I can't listen to it yet! Anyway, here's "Small Step":
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Mary Beth and I got our taxes done yesterday, but we made a mistake and had to mail in a check right after I got home from work for an amendment or whatever. Yikes! But should be all good. In the afternoon I went up to the pandh to see Martin Atkins do a little talk about his time in Public Image Ltd.! I was there a little bit and everyone was still setting up and Martin realized he'd lost a cable so I volunteered to run home and get a replacement. Then Jack Alberson played a set. Then Martin did his talk. It was just wonderful. He was endlessly entertaining and very, very, very funny. And he even had drums and did a few bits of samples of some of the PIL drums, especially from The Flowers of Romance. And that was just fucking awesome getting to see him playing those drum parts! Anyway, really awesome event. The turnout wasn't very good but it was St. Patrick's Day so there was a lot going on in town (and I didn't even realize til later that Elizabeth Warren was here in town at a thing at the same time). Later at night Mary Beth and I got around to playing the new board game she got Fog of Love. It was a lot of fun. It's a card-driven euro-style board game with role playing elements (each player makes up a character based on cards and you're dating and stuff). Mary Beth was a wedding planner named Bridey Whitt and I was a criminal named Vivian Stryke. We both blew our main objective towards the very end but generally we had a pretty successful "relationship."
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Pretty full and busy and awesome day yesterday. Mary Beth and I got a little bit of a late start doing errands, but I managed to get out to the Nonconnah release show at Two Rivers on time to at least catch the tail end of Owl's Head Mountain's set. Then Nonconnah played and all. Saw a few friends. There was a bit of craziness throughout the day, a few days ago Sounds Good (I guess they're about to change their name to something else) revealed they had double-booked against a recording session upstairs so we couldn't even start til after 10 so we had to move the show back an hour. Then Zachary just got back from SXSW late last night like 2 am or something and had the album release show and finally realized that playing that second show right off coming back in town from a big trip would be too much so he had to back out. So there was a lot of flux around the show. When the sound guy got there he said he hadn't known about it until Thursday. Eugene seemed a little dismayed by things that were going on and was considering just playing first and leaving. But he'd talked to some people there and changed his mind. I managed to squeeze in just a little bit of practice before heading up. Ooh also, (this is a goofy aside but,) I shaved and tried out a new pair of "facial hair scissors" (i.e. ear hair trimmers). Mine had been getting dull and not cutting so well. Anyway, this new pair, in addition to being sharp also have the benefit of being curved! Which makes so much sense and works so much better for cutting around a...you know...EAR! My ears haven't been this "smooth" since I was a wee lad! (Or at least since I started trimming them somewhere over a decade ago?) Anyway, back to the show. I played first after all. People seemed into it. I can never tell when I'm playing. Some things seem to fall flat some things seem to go okay. Going through the space's sound system and it's nice, clean, heavy bass certainly helped matters and did some heavy lifting. I was a little worried that for the more performance-based aspects of my set that I was trying out I wouldn't've gotten enough practice, but I think by the evening of the show, I was feeling okay about it. if.else was next and they were incredible. Philip flew down from New York for this. They did their usual thing of leaving optic-sensor driven oscillators around the room with strobing flashlights to encourage audience participation. Then they played their dual flutes. They ended by moving back to the stage where they played the flutes through mics going into a laptop that was making some noise and adding effects. Really, really, really good performance. Eugene Chadbourne was last. He was really good. This was an acoustic performance, starting with banjo and ending with steel resonator guitar. I picked up a cd: Eugene Chadbourne/Rob Magill/Daniel Masiel: The Banshee (Piano Music by Henry Cowell adapted for three electric guitars + Vincent Price). Anyway, there was a pretty good crowd that turned out. Matt who had the going-away party the day before showed up (he'd asked about doing anything musically and I told him I had a show "tomorrow" at "the old Black Lodge" and he was very drunk so I didn't think he'd remember or commit but he did so that was cool). Also, this younger "kid" (probably not actually a kid, but you know, pretty close) came up after my set and gave me a cd he had burned of his band and he seemed a little shy and nervous and it was quite endearing and also weird that the tables have flipped like that. I could tell Eugene seemed like he might be a little dismayed at first as it seemed so empty (and I was a bit nervous that not many people would show up after all), but people showed up. I mean, makes sense that people don't show up EARLY! And Sounds Good, though it has a bar, it isn't like a bar that people just hang out at outside of shows so it can feel even more empty than other places before things get going. Eugene did a little bit of localization during one song. He had some lines about robbing either a bank or a store or something and made it about the convenience store across the street ("the market on South Cooper") and mentioned my name with a synthesizer and mentioned if.else's "flutes" as a distraction. I mean, I guess it's an elaborated version of the ol' "Hello, _Memphis_!") but it was entertaining! I guess that's about it for now.


Mar. 16th, 2019 09:46 am
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Yesterday evening I went back downtown to meet coworkers at this bar called the Blind Bear for Matt J.'s defection party (it was his last day as he goes to some other company). The bar's kind of goofy as it has a thing of being a "prohibition" era bar and there's a little half-assed smattering of a few old-timey lamps and things but where they got tired of trying and it mostly just looks like a regular bar. In spite of it being a bar and all, it was kind of a fun time. Talked to a few coworkers some when it wasn't too loud. Matt was very drunk and ranting and the buttons on his shirt progressively came undone and it was a bit amusing. After coming home Mary Beth and I watched some Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, jumping around pseudo-randomly. There were a couple of good ones like Obama and Stephen Colbert.


Mar. 15th, 2019 03:49 pm
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Mary Beth and I went up to the Crosstown Arts bar last night to hang out with Nate in celebration of his mid-tenure defense being behind him. A good number of folks were there. There was some talking and hanging out. After we came home we watched tutorial videos for Fog of Love, this board game Mary Beth just got us. Can't wait to play it, looks like a lot of fun. Then there was work today. Also solidifying the lineup for the festival. I did make a booboo where I had things set up on my spreadsheet, but I did some moving things around to make something work but the cell references got jacked up without my knowing it and some weren't being calculated so there were extra-time slots! Things should be okay, we'll see. I was being conservative (but messed up a little more to even compensate for that!).
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Did a little more work practicing for my upcoming show last night and some fine-tuning on my patch. Looks like I'm going to have to get a new work laptop. It "needs" an upgrade from Windows 7 to 10. I've had mine over three years (and they generally don't like them going longer than that). However, I like mine and have a fancy ssd drive so I'd better be getting one that's the same or get to keep my old drive. My show this Saturday just got bumped back an hour by the venue which is kind of annoying, but whatever.

Set Up

Mar. 13th, 2019 05:19 pm
I did a little work prepping for my upcoming show last night. Got a little done. Still not all the way there. I thought I'd get started on the Mulesoft training last night. And I did get started, but it was just getting things set up to start. And that went on throughout work today. Having some damn java errors installing the maven packages. That was interspersed with doing things to get the Memphis Concrète lineup and schedule approaching ready. Anyway, that's about it for now.


Mar. 12th, 2019 05:37 pm
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Had a Memphis Concrète meeting last night. We met up with Jenny (our Crosstown connection). Things are coming together, pretty exciting. After that Mary Beth and I went up to the hospital to see my mom again last night. Did get some sleep finally. There was work today. Had our first planning meeting for my new team. That's exciting, but now there's a new training course I've got to take (Mulesoft, which is the platform I'll be developing in...making apis...apparently it's all drag and drop and configuration kinda stuff...we'll see...it's always good to know new stuff anyway). I feel there's something else I forgot to mention yesterday that I was going to mention it today but I apparently am still forgetting it!

A Start

Mar. 11th, 2019 04:24 pm
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I did started a little bit building my patch for my show this Saturday (opening for Eugene Chadbourne). Not all there, but something's there at least. Mary Beth and I went to see my mom in the hospital again. I got almost no sleep last night, but today hasn't been too bad. Anyway, that's all I can think of for now.


Mar. 10th, 2019 11:02 am
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Outside of doing the normal grocery errands, the rest of yesterday was just seeing my mom in the hospital again. Later after we got home at night, Mary Beth and I watched the latest episode of Brooklyn 99. After inexplicably waking up early yesterday, I slept in a bit today and am feeling rested so that's nice. After the storm finished yesterday, the weather is finally feeling nice and spring-like. Not sure if it's here to stick just yet. Now the clocks have been "sprung forward" so that's something.


Mar. 9th, 2019 09:55 am
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Mary Beth and I went back up to the hospital again last night. A little before we went, there was a minute or so where my mom had stopped breathing. Had to do with a pain med she was given, but she was revived pretty quickly, but my dad had a very stressful time. She hasn't had any problems like that since then, she's had some pain but seems to be recovering. We picked up some fish from Soul Fish to bring my dad as he's been in the hospital all the time. He wouldn't've asked for it but he definitely needed it 'cuz he ate it right up. We stayed there most of the night. Christina showed up with her boys briefly, coming from karate practice in full gear and new green belts. I recently found out the name of the trailer park we lived in when I was born was called Wheel Estate ("is called" I guess I should say since it's still there). This was only my first year so I don't remember any of that except from having been told about it (though I don't think I'd been told the name in the past).


Mar. 8th, 2019 04:12 pm
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Last night Mary Beth and I went up to the hospital to visit my mom right after surgery. It seems to have gone well, but it was a major surgery and she was just off it so she was in a bit of pain. I held her hand while we waited for the nurse to come back and give her more meds. When we arrived, Dean, Uncle Tom, and Aunt Becky were there too. There's kind of a goofy story. I'd asked my dad if he needed us to bring anything, he said no. Then when we parked at the hospital I'd gotten a text while we were driving that they could use some bendy straws. So we left to go to the store quick and pick some up. Then we're at the store and I get another text saying nevermind the nurse brought 'em some. Well, we got picked some up anyway. Anyway, just a little goofy crossed-messages anecdote. Then there was work today. Things winding down and all. My team was the only one that met all their objectives for the pi on time. Well, alrighty! I neglected to mention in my last post that yesterday at work I finished reading The Waves by Virginia Woolf. It was really good, but I'm going to need a bit more time for it to process and settle in my brain!
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We had a Memphis Concrète meeting yesterday after work. It was pretty productive. Some exciting things coming for the festival this year. One big relief was recently lifted when Crosstown finally confirm-confirmed the dates. A lot of official stuff now in the bag and a few potentials being worked out currently. After that Mary Beth and I went out to my parents' to visit my mom before she went into surgery today. She had a tumor removed. My dad's reporting that that went well so I expect we'll be visiting her in the hospital pretty soon. Got the official word of my merit increase at work today. It's actually even more than what they originally said so that's very nice. And it goes into effect staring next month. Anyway, I guess that's it for now.
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Not a whole lot as of now. Mary Beth and I watched some Golden Girls last night. Work was a little less obnoxious today (well, I finished the whole thing I was working on that was feeling obnoxious and then found out it wasn't even necessary as I found the cause of what led me to do it and it was something much much simpler, ah well). Now I'm home and anyway, that's about it.


Mar. 4th, 2019 05:05 pm
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I was at least able to successfully back up the tracks on my cover of "I Believe (When I Fall in Love It Will Be Forever)." Happy about that 'cuz I was very pleased with some of those parts (drums and bass synth especially). I had to record them one at a time (couldn't access the files so had to play 'em one at a time). Was worried they might not line up right (as I there's some room for error), but I hit play and record at the same time on both devices so it seems to have lined up pretty close to alright. Maybe some of the drums are slightly off by some milliseconds, I can move stuff around if needed, but overall it sounds pretty good. I can at least finish it and haven't lost what I'd done. My old machine is pretty fucked though. I can use my computer for now, but I won't be able to do drums (unless it's just with a single mic which is mostly kinda out of the question). Later at night Mary Beth and I watched a little Futurama. Today at work was kinda annoying, just digging a hole in some stupid refactoring. Came home to my share of the tapes of my new album: Study for Synthesizer and Spliced Cassette Tape. So I've got something for the release show at the end of the month. Woo.
So I spent the whole day of yesterday breaking my multitrack recorder. First, I fixed something. I got the case open and removed the broken tip of the headphone plug from the jack. Great! While I had the case open, I thought I might fix up the wonky buttons. This then required pulling out a few more layers of circuit board from the case. Here's where I proceeded to fuck the everloving shit out of the whole thing. Turns out the buttons aren't what I thought with the metallic paint on the inside. They're just good ol' physical buttons (though with a flimsy and over-complicated and indirect mechanism to push the inner button). So all that work of separating everything was...pointless! And I had fixed the problem button before, so instead of "improving" the situation I made things a whole lot worse. For starters, getting the board lined up right once you've removed it (especially with the led lights getting moved around inside real easy, you can straighten them out but then when you turn the board over and get it lined up with the case, they bump against the case and get moved). The big rotary dial that's sort of the whole central control of the machine got completely jacked up. Doesn't work at all any more. It has a very tenuous connection with two parts, one attached to the case and one attached to the board and getting them back together is very precarious. After a while of getting it back together a few random buttons just fell off inside too. So, button-wise things are worse off but that's not even the start of it! I quickly realize things aren't great with this equipment so I'd better back up at least the song I'm currently in the middle of working on (Stevie Wonder cover). So I go through the tedious process of exporting the individual tracks to the fat partition so they can be pulled to my computer (for some reason the export process takes a very long time, always has but usually just do it with the master track, so exporting the current 16 used tracks took 16 times as long!). Well, when I finally get my computer hooked up, I get shit about the usb device I'm connected to is unrecognized and malfunctioned! Alright! So while I'm in there I fuck up the usb! I spend more time trying to get creative. I have a device to connect a hard drive directly to usb (from when I rescued my old computer when it died) but when I hooked it up, I just didn't see anything, I don't think the drive is formatted to work with an os that's not whatever its own internal bullshit is. There's a built-in cdw drive so I could export the tracks to a cd, good thinking. Well, I've never really even used that and the drive doesn't even open (not sure if my doing or it's been broken but whatever). I tried to hook up the old cdw drive from my defunct tower. I got an error about the hhd drive not being recognized but it was still there when I hooked the original drive back up (anyway, think hhd is referring to hard drive not cd drive). Well, then I'm sure I fucked up the fucking hard drive and then nothing is worth anything anymore. I pushed connections in harder a few times and then it worked again. I may try the cdw drive again, but first I wanna just do a straight audio backup of the tracks. It'll be obnoxious and time consuming (while doing it and later when trying to get the tracks to line up just right) but I can play each track one at a time and record it onto my computer. At the very least then my work won't be lost. Then I'll try the cdw drive again and if it works it works if it doesn't I at least have the tracks backed up in some version so if I destroy this thing even worse all won't be lost.


Mar. 2nd, 2019 08:22 am
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Mary Beth and I had a low-key night watching some tv. We caught up on the latest episode of Brooklyn 99 and then finished up Salt Fat Acid Heat. Then I passed out as she read aloud to me. Now it's a morning and I still feel full from yesterday.


Mar. 1st, 2019 06:05 pm
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I went to kinkos and made copies of the flyer for that upcoming show with Eugene Chadbourne at Sounds good on the 16th! Dropped a couple off (at Shangri La last night 'cuz their board is outside and up in Goner's window after work today). Work was a day of much free food. There was a little breakfast thing in the morning and then my manager took my team to lunch for meeting our objectives early. We ate at Huey's so I chomped on some nachos. They officially announced to my team this morning about how we're being split up (not in a bad way, just we've completed our objective and now there's new stuff to be done). It's not being announced to the whole department yet though. It looks like starting off I'm going to be the only developer doing the new salesforce stuff. Kind of exciting and all that. Later today I had an issue I was spinning my wheels on, really having an existential crisis and not understanding what was going on and thinking maybe I wasn't understanding rxjs and mergeMap and forkJoin as well as I'd thought. Well, after a couple hours of troubleshooting, turns out there was just a dumb line copied in two places when it should have only been in one of them (probably an intended cut-and-paste that was an actual copy-paste...classic copy-pasta anyway). It was basically a case of "let someArray = [];" and it inside a loop as well as outside (so in the loop, things got pushed onto it and then wiped out next iteration). Classic dumb kinda mistake that you've both annoyed and relieved when you finally discover (annoyed that it was something so dumb, but relieved because you're not quite as dumb as you're thinking you might be, only you just didn't see this thing). After work I came home to a few Creel Pone cds in the mail (the remains of my compilation/rewards earnings): Jan Beran: Aniseikonia Zeitsplitter 4 Etüden, William S. Fischer: Omen, and Philippe Doray les Asociaux Associes: Ramasse-Miettes. Plumber came over and fixed some things this afternoon as well. Seems like there might be some things he didn't fix, but we'll see. Oh! and I almost forgot! My alarm clock is randomly set to the radio and I've never awoke to good music, it's often between stations or whatever, but this morning it was picking up wevl when it went off and I got to wake up to "Credit in the Straight World" by Young Marble Giants. That was a nice surprise. I was driven to awakeneness by shock more than anything.

Don't Look

Feb. 28th, 2019 05:18 pm
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I went to see an Indie Memphis screening of Don't Look Now last night. Met up with Amogh as well. Hadn't seen the movie in a long time and I wasn't super-fond of it the first time I saw it. Thought I'd give it another chance since I like Roeg's other movies I've seen. I liked it more this time (still not my favorite though). Mary Beth said the main thing I didn't like before was the end. I'd forgotten but yeah, it is a little on the silly side. Was sad that I was playing a show on the same night they showed Walkabout last week as that's one of my favorites. Ah well. Had a good time and it was nice to reevaluate something. Kept busy at work today and now I'm home and there you go.
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