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It was a pretty surreal day yesterday. It started off where I went and got my oil changed. That was fine. I drove by the day before and there was a long line of cars so I was glad I waited as there was no one else there on the Sunday morning. Nonconnah practiced yesterday so I was getting my gear ready and had just loaded up the car. I actually only came back inside 'cuz I'd left my phone. Mary Beth was concerned about the way Trudy was walking and then I saw her and she was limping/lurching and howling really bad. She was only using one of her back legs. It seemed really bad so we took her to the emergency clinic. Turns out she has arthritis now. It does explain a few signs that were starting to creep up on a smaller scale the past couple weeks: she started having a little trouble jumping on the bed or the windowsill, she'd make it but what would seem just barely. I thought I'd noticed a slight change in her gait and maybe a little limp after that. Also she's been much less energetic playing. At least it's not something as scary as it might've been. Arthritis is manageable at least. We got some pain meds for a couple days and we scheduled to see our vet tomorrow. I guess we'll also need to get something like cat stairs or a ramp or something to help her get up to the places she likes to go. Make it a cat old folks home in here. I missed Nonconnah practice, but in the evening I had my own practice for my show (THAT'S TONIGHT AT THE HI TONE, oh my!). Mary Beth and I finished the night by watching to the end of Atlanta and it was really good. Work was alright today. Not a whole lot. Not sure where my sickness is at for the moment. It started to seem like I was going to get a stuffy nose but I don't know anymore. Also my talking's much more bluuugh. I haven't had that tired/weak feeling so that's good. Okay, I guess I have a show to get ready for.


Sep. 24th, 2017 10:13 am
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Did some errand stuff yesterday morning and afternoon. Not a whole lot else going on for most of the day. I wasn't feeling as tired/weak as I was Friday, but I did feel it a little bit. Went out to the Melvins show last night. I wouldn't have decided to go on my own since I'm really not a big fan, but Mary Beth wanted to go as she'd never seen 'em live. Ended up being glad I went. First off, the opening band Spotlights was great. They're like a shoegazey sludge metal. Two people, guitar and bass with drum machine, very fuzzed out, both sang with male/female vocals, floaty over the rest of the heaviness. I picked up their cd Seismic after the show as well as a shirt, now they only had medium and xxl left so I let the bass player talk me into a medium since they run pretty big (it does fit like a smallish large, let's just hope it doesn't shrink any...and maybe one day I'll lose some weight again as I'm really not wearing larges so well anymore anyway). Melvins were enjoyable to see too. I mean, I still feel about the same as I always have towards their music, with almost all their songs there's a good mix of things I like and things I don't like about it. So I neither like nor dislike them. But it was a nice experience live, I enjoyed it more than the other time I saw 'em which was many years ago. Dale Crover is an incredible drummer. When a band's trying to be heavy, there's almost nothing worse than having a drummer lightly tapping in the background, and he hits the fucking drums hard as needed (and also his playing style is otherwise pretty great). For the last few songs, the members of Spotlights joined them on stage so it was a two guitar two bass assault that was pretty awesome. Josh was there and we talked with him a bit afterwards. He's now officially the cto of a startup. Pretty big news. We got in a little late (though the show wasn't super-late for a show) and my throat was feeling not good by the end of the night in the club. I took some more nyquil and slept though not as long. When I did wake up I was wanting to hack stuff up a bunch. Maybe that's a good sign.


Sep. 23rd, 2017 08:33 am
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I'd had plans to go over to a coworker's last night and play some board games, but I was definitely not feeling up to going out. So I stayed in. I turned on my new computer. Well, I let it run through a billion updates. I took some nyquil and ended up going to bed at about 9 and then slept for over 11 hours. So that was nice and I definitely needed it. My throat is sore, currently that's my only symptom. We'll see how it progresses from here.


Sep. 22nd, 2017 05:28 pm
I practiced some for my set next Monday. Got some patches together on the modular. That was fun. I seem to have started to get sick today. My throat's sore and I felt weak all day. I don't quite feel the main cold symptoms but I feel they're fast coming. Got some kind words about our team and some good news about a bad situation (I'm being overdramatic, we have an objective that should be tested but we ran into firewall issues, which feels pretty amateurish, shouldn't we have figured that out by now? calling a third party endpoint we should make sure a firewall rule is in place, but oh well) anyway, we'll be able to deploy it anyway. I feel like I'm tired and rambling and all that junk I just said was barely coherent. Anyway. There was a group lunch. I didn't get the invite, something may have happened with my email being on lists when I switched to an actual employee. But I tagged along. It was at Mellow Mushroom so the food wasn't very good, but I rode over with Zach and listened to and talked about Slint so that's all good. Now I'm home. I got my new laptop in the mail! I haven't had my own personal laptop in quite a while! (Yes, I've been leeching off my work laptop since my last one broke and I couldn't afford to replace it.) This new one's an Acer, but I got some pretty nice specs on it: i7 (though only dual core), 32 gb ram, 500 gb ssd, and a 1 tb hhd. I read good reviews on the case quality so hopefully the plastic's not cheap like those Lenovos I had back in the day. On initial touch it doesn't feel as strong as the plastic on my work computer but I've just barely touched it. Haven't even turned it on yet. Maybe I'll do that tonight or something.


Sep. 21st, 2017 07:20 pm
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I went up to dkdc yesterday to see Linda Heck's cd release party. It was alright, a little similar to when I saw her before maybe a little slower. Melissa was there. Today at work was alright, maybe a little on the frustrating side. After I came home Mary Beth and I went on a walk down to the park. And then I could barely get up after laying down for a while (I'm super out of shape).


Sep. 20th, 2017 05:56 pm
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Had a team lunch today. Our first lunch together at least in this configuration. We went to Salsa and it was pretty good. A marginally funny story: Mary Beth was sure I'd bought Kamasi Washington tickets but I assured her I had not done so, at least not yet, but I was planning on it. Also talked to Nate yesterday about it and said a similar thing. Well, guess what I did about a month ago? Yup. Memory is good.
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Mary Beth and I watched a little Rick and Morty last night. Today at work I finished reading Memories of My Melancholy Whores by Gabriel García Márquez. It was okay. Not his best work but not bad. I had that damn thing happen again where there was the sizing meeting and I'm supposed to read out my team's epics and I didn't get an invite. So I get told to come after it's started and I'm not at all prepared. Then this time I brought it up and was sent the meeting invite after it was over, which seemed kinda passive aggressive but maybe I'm reading into that and I was just added to a list and since the meeting was technically on the calendar for a few more minutes it sent the invite automatically? That's speculation, they may have just sent it. I don't know. Whatever. Next time I'll just talk to my product owner to make sure he includes me when he's filling the stuff out so I'm ready whether I know about it or not. After work I went up to Railgarten. Nate and April were having kind of a birthday party thingie for Patti. There were a lot of people I don't know but Ashley and Will and Luís and Eda and their baby. Had a nice talk with Ashley and Will about Twin Peaks. I ate some food. And then Nate wanted to get Patti ice cream (someone else had some earlier and she had the biggest smile looking at their ice cream). So we get some gelato and I get strawberry peanutbutter and Saigon cinnamon. They were both good but that cinnamon one was in-credible! When Patti was given her ice cream she got all cranky and didn't want to eat it. Until a few minutes later when she gobbled the whole thing up. Then she wanted to dance. Yeah! Okay, that's about it for me now.

Catch Up

Sep. 18th, 2017 05:40 pm
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Didn't do a whole lot yesterday. It put in my new modules (one of which I forgot to mention in my last post) and played with 'em. Mary Beth and I also started watching Atlanta. Back to work today. Not a whole lot in regards to that. There's a bunch of stuff I left out of my last post so I'll do a catch up! The guy we talked to after the first movie told us about this movie venue called Light + Sound Machine that does film-only screenings of super-obscure experimental films (he mentioned Brakhage being the most mainstream their spectrum goes). Sounds like it'd be a pretty cool experience. Also, I discovered the Wolf Eyes cd I got came with a bonus album: Wolf Eyes: Right in Front of You. Nice! Once again, they gave me a free shirt at Grimey's. I got the other design this time. I didn't tell 'em I'd gotten the one design for the same reason just a month or so ago. Suspiria was in Italian and they had someone running the subtitles live which was pretty cool. I mean, you wouldn't know if you weren't told, but it's cool to think about. I came back to find my ribbon controller module that's the right size had arrived in the mail (so I was finally able to use it and the interface module is back to actually having a use in my case). Last is that Werner Herzog is coming to speak at Rhodes along with a screening of his newest movie (I think his newest, a movie of his anyway) and tickets went on sale and apparently sold out just about right away. Didn't even have a chance to get one. That's a bummer.
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Had a really awesome day trip to Nashville. There were like three near-disasters, but in each case disaster was avoided and things worked out! I'll back up just a hair. Friday night, Mary Beth and I watched Before Sunrise. I'd only seen the last one in the trilogy (this first one is much better). Oh, and I never mentioned that Thursday night I went out and bought a new headlight to replace the one that had gone out (and had been out for a while). I installed it which was mostly easy, but reaching my hand in that small space did cut it up a bit.

Okay, so I got up early and picked Jacques up and we were on the road just a little after eight. When my tank gets low, I'm thinking oh we need to get gas soon. I think we may have passed some things and I'd spaced out on it. Dang. The light comes on and I know we really need to stop so see there's a gas station at a certain exit ahead. Well, we get there and then I'm all, "derp is this actually the right exit" and when I realize it is I'd JUST passed it and missed getting on. Luckily we're able to make it the next ten or so miles to the next exit and get gas. It was the most I'd ever put into my tank (though I googled to see how big my tank is and there's actually still even a few more spare gallons so it wasn't cutting it as quite close as I'd thought). But it was a level of nerve-wracking approaching that previous trip across the Lake Pontchartrain bridge (still not quite that nerve-wracking, but I was worried we'd end up on the side of the road having to walk or some shit).

We made good time so we stopped at this one record store thing that's just a little outside the city as you're coming in called McKay's. It's like a chain of used media warehouses. Looking through the cds I got a few: John Coltrane: Crescent, The Roots of Chicha: Psychedelic Cumbias from Peru, Future: DS2, The Ex: Turn, Front 242: No Comment, and Star Trek Sound Effects (real excited about this one, it's just as it describes, a bunch of sound effects from the tv show!). We were there a little longer than intended and that threw plans a little out of whack. We had to catch the movie at a certain time but it's a long movie and it's already lunchtime and we needed lunch and I really wanted to hit Riverside Grillshack. Oh yeah, and leaving the parking lot of this place a piece of my car just fucking falls off. The plastic thing that surrounds the tire, I guess keeping mud and dirt and rocks and stuff from being kicked up into the engine area. At least this is while we're still in the parking lot. I think a piece may have fallen earlier while driving (and I assumed it was just something on the road I'd driven over), not as big a piece but this was then the whole thing. I got out, tossed it in the trunk, hoped this didn't involve anything prohibiting the car from driving, and continued on (looks like it didn't prohibit driving!).

Okay, on to the Riverside Grillshack and lunch. So I'm calculating we can still make it and worst-case scenario we can eat in the car on the way to the movie. The grillshack is across the other side of town (and then the movie is going back across to another part of town). We get there and I know we're not quite going to make it. So when our food is ready we eat on the way, a little challenge but that burger was worth it. We in theory made it to where the theater is just about right on time, but then the next challenge was parking.

The area the Belcourt is in is really crowded so it took almost ten minutes to find a spot and then we had to walk a little bit over. But we made it in before the movie started. They were showing credits and stuff so it's that difficult thing where you walk into a theater and it's already dark and you have to search for empty seats while you can't see anything. La Notte was, of course, really good on the screen. It was the first Antonioni I saw and I hadn't seen it since first watching it a few years ago. It was fun revisiting it after just watching all those other movies of his real close together. There was a discussion about it upstairs afterwards by some professor of Italian film. It was enjoyable. I'm a nerd and like shit like that. One of the most interesting things was talking about how he admired Rothko and felt an affinity with him in doing a similar thing with a different medium. Leaving we somehow ended up talking to this other guy who was at the movie named Chris. Real nice guy, a metal dude who's real into movies. Talked about Nashville and movies and such while walking back to our car.

Next we went and checked out this music gear store called Corner Music 'cuz I saw they might have some modular stuff in their synth section. They had a little: some basic Pittsburgh modules and a little bit of Roland stuff. Even that stuff was a little hidden and I wasn't sure if it was even for sale. It was. So I picked up a Pittsburgh Sequencer.

Next we hit the main record store attraction: Grimey's. On the used side I picked up a few: Unrest: Imperial F.F.R.R., Sun Ra: At Inter-Media Arts April 1991, Thelonious Monk: The Complete Blue Note Recordings, Glenn Branca: Indeterminate Activity of Resultant Masses, and Tony Conrad: Bryant Park Moratorium Rally (1969). Over in the main store Jacques ended up talking to this employee who does electronic music named Will and then another employee named Jess came over (I'd already had some cds with the sticker recommendations in my hand). We had a good talk about electronic music and Nashville and Memphis and I told them about Belly Full of Stars and Jess wrote down a whole list of stuff for me. It was pretty cool. So I picked up: Astro Sounds from Beyond the Year 2000: The Astro-Sound of Magnificence, Harmonia: Documents-1975, Charles Hayward/Gigi Masin: Les Nouvelles Musiques de Chambre #2, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith: Ears, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith: Euclid, Pharmakon: Contact, Wolf Eyes: Undertow, Danny Brown: Atrocity Exhibition, Matmos: Ultimate Care II, v/a: Venezuela 70, Space, v/a: Space, Energy & Light, and Kelly Lee Owens: s/t.

Next we decided to stop for food. Jacques had a recommendation of a place called Rotier's because they have poutin (though neither of us ended up getting poutine). This was kinda like a diner or sort of a run-down type Huey's place (kinda sorta). Was burgered out so I ended up getting a meat and two with barbecue on cornbread. The barbecue was a little dry though the vinegar sauce helped that and was good. The real joy was in the two: fried okra and squash casserole (the latter being really goddamn amazing).

Okay, so then we have time to hit the one more record store: Great Escape. Ended up going to one a bit out (it wasn't the one Jacques thought it was and the one I'd gone to back in the day apparently closed a long time ago). It ended up being just fine 'cuz I got a couple unexpectedly choice finds in my haul: Son of Bazerk: Featuring No Self Control and the Band, Parliament: The 12" Collection and More, Prurient: Bermuda Drain, Prurient: Through the Window, Luke Vibert: Bizarster, Skinny Puppy: Inquisition single, and Skinny Puppy: Back and Forth Vol 5: Live in Dresden.

We made it back to the Belcourt in good time. We got lucky with a parking spot as someone ended up leaving the theater's lot as we arrived and we were able to swoop it up. There was a bit of a line that had just been let in as we arrived. As I think I mentioned earlier, Zach didn't end up coming 'cuz it'd sold out before he went to get his ticket. So of course there was a big crowd, but we managed to get pretty good seats only a little to the side. It was a bit of a magical experience. This is a tour of an original print so it's old film. The colors had washed out just a little on the red side and it was a little dirty but overall pretty good condition considering its age. It was definitely a nice experience being immersed in it on the big screen. Worth the trip. Had a good time and enjoyed the movies! We drove back right after and it was thankfully a pretty uneventful return trip. Made it back in about 2:30 am and Mary Beth had been waiting up so we talked a bit before I went to sleep. Now I've had some sleep and it's a "new" day.


Sep. 15th, 2017 05:17 pm
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Did some movie watchin' last night and completely my Antonioni catch-up and by watching Blow-Up. It was really good, not as good as a lot of his others but still really good. It was weird for a bit seeing Antonioni do something of a thriller. Of course, the pacing matches his work and then by the makes it clear it's an Antonioni film in every regard. And speaking recently of how great the end of L'Eclisse is, this movie also had a really excellent ending (not as hardcore powerful as L'Eclisse but up there). Also, didn't realize the connection with Blow Out went so much beyond similar names. It definitely made a lot of direct nods to Blow-Up. Now I'll need to rewatch it and think about it in that context. What other than that? Mary Beth made some brownies that were awesome and I took to work (even though she thinks she used too much almond extract, they were marzipany and that's not a bad thing at all!). Zach waited too late to get his Suspiria ticket and now it's sold out so he won't be joining me and Jacques on our excursion. Came home to a cd in the mail: Mac Quayle: Mr. Robot Volume 3 (still haven't watched the second season and I guess I should remedy that sometime).
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I went out to see the Indie Memphis screening of The Lure last night. It's a Polish movie that's sort of a weird, modern retelling of Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid. In a way similar to that Saturday Church movie we just saw with its musical elements. I enjoyed it. Today at work I finally fucking figured out this issue that's been bugging me for a week. It wasn't so bad once I figured out what it was and finally removed all the damn false flags. There were stale dlls in the unit test project that weren't getting updated even though it seemed liked they were so they were stuck on old versions and I wasn't getting an accurate idea of what was happening when I ran the unit tests. Then when I figured out what exactly the issue was I did have to do some wonky stuff to get around it. It's either really smart or really stupid. We'll see! Also got a message from my parents about going to lunch so I met them at Huey's. Now I'm home and Mary Beth's made these awesome brownies and I'm gonna eat them! Yeah! (She also got her hair cut and it's super cute!)


Sep. 13th, 2017 05:25 pm
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I continued my Antonioni mission and watched L'Eclisse last night and it was really good, of course. The ending was especially excellent. I finished reading Metamorphoses by Ovid at work today. It was pretty enjoyable. Probably the best of any classics I've read. Other than that, not a whole lot at work. Ooh, I forgot to mention yesterday how I was shown as an example of doing something good during the demos session. I wasn't there myself, but it was relayed to me. Nothing big, but I prefix each commit message with the ticket number it's for and they're about to start requiring developers do it so I'm ahead of the game in regards to that. Go me.


Sep. 12th, 2017 06:24 pm
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Had an exciting night last night as I worked on finishing the damn unit tests for work. Oh yeah. Did squeeze in watching the latest episode of Rick & Morty with Mary Beth. Then at work today I didn't have to work on unit tests. Did other crap looking into crap though. Anyway, not exciting but that's all I got.


Sep. 11th, 2017 06:41 pm
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Had fun yesterday reorganizing my case (/cases!) and putting in my new modules and all. And then playing with them and making a bunch of noise. In the afternoon, Mary Beth and I finished the season of Bojack Horseman with the last two episodes. Damn! That episode about his mother is maybe the best of the show so far! (It's been a while since I've watched the other seasons so maybe I'm forgetting something, but it was damn good.) After that it was back up to Ridgeway for a few more Outflix movies. First was Saturday Church and it was really good. About a teen coming to terms with being trans and his family and other difficulties. It also had some musical elements (that enhanced the story instead of detracting from it!). It opened with a short called Christine about a preteen girl and her gender identity. It was really good, my favorite short that I saw. The last movie we watched was called God's Own Country. It was like a Scottish Brokeback Mountain (which is a pat oversimplification, but works for a three word summary, also it actually takes place in northern England, I guess the accents are similar or I'm just bad at identifying British accents). It was really really good and my favorite of what we saw at the festival. The short before it was called Tristan about a second father trying to pick his baby up from daycare and it was pretty good. Then there was work today. Mostly tedious crap with unit tests. Our new developer started. Her name is Ellen. She's part of that tech901 thing that I probably mentioned earlier (a nonprofit thing that's similar to what fasttrack was). Mostly so far she's getting her computer set up. Don't know much about her yet other than that she came from doing management or something for a bunch of years. And that's all I've got!


Sep. 10th, 2017 09:23 am
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Pretty busy day yesterday. Between some standard errand-running in the morning, I put up flyers in a few places: Shangri-La, Kwik Check, Pho Binh (making me think, "derp, why didn't I bring these when I was here last night?"), and Goner. I also picked up a package from fedex! (Real happy it showed up in time before our plans took in effect.) So I got my new case, another portable one, Pittsburgh Structure. It's the same number of rows as my current case but a bit wider. It has a kinda nice wood look to the exterior, though it makes me afraid it's just gonna get scuffed up. Since I have the reverb tanks screwed into the other case, I'll probably keep that one for "signal processing" type stuff and use both cases. We'll see if that proves feasible. Now I need to organize modules! I also got a couple modules in the package: Intellijel Quad VCA and ALM Pamela's New Workout. So pretty excited, hopefully the third module I'd ordered (envelopes to go with the VCAs) will come so I can fully implement my plans! Okay, so get all this done with a few other errands in time to make it to the Ridgeway Cinema for Outflix. First we watched a documentary called Jewel's Catch One (about the legendary disco club in LA that I didn't know anything about) and it was really good, the best thing I watched yesterday. It had a short with it called Julia's piece about a kid ballerina with lesbian parents and it was pretty good. We had a little gap so we went and got food at Gus's. I tried the greens (maybe for the first time) and they were goddamn good. I'll have to remember how good their greens are. We also went by Gibson's next door for a couple dougnuts. My Coil shirt was remarked on by the goth-ish looking employee. So yeah, very healthy little interlude. Back to the cinema for the next couple movies. There was another documentary called Behind the Curtain: Todrick Hall. I didn't know anything about the subject as I'm not well-versed in youtube celebrity. It felt a bit like a vanity project. The short that preceded it was my favorite short of the day. It was called Zoodio 54 and pretty much just as its name describes. About some animals at a disco. The animation was really good and the music was good. The last movie was called Below Her Mouth and it was an erotic lesbian narrative. It was pretty good. The dialog writing was a bit stiff, but it was otherwise pretty good. It followed a short called Happenstance about lesbian bikers meeting and presumably falling in love that was nice. After coming back home we watched more Bojack Horseman. Almost to the end of the new season.


Sep. 9th, 2017 08:40 am
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Mary Beth and I got to do an amazing new thing yesterday. We finally tried out kroger's pick up grocery service thingie. She placed the order online earlier, we went and parked, called the number, and they brought the groceries right out to the car. The future! So much convenience was had. Anyway, in a bit we went up to Pho Binh for Sarah's little birthday dinner. Good food and we met a friend of hers who's a drama teacher. Later in the evening Mary Beth and I started in on the new season of Bojack Horseman and watched the first half. Good times!
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Last night I went up to Murphy's to watch Jacques perform as Revenge Body. His set was really good. Did a lot of noisy stuff. His stuff sounds a lot like if Skinny Puppy only did their "brap" stuff. He opened for Little Beards (comprised of one of the guys from Nervous Curtains and his wife). They were good, more synth poppy. I walked away with one of their shirts. There were a lot of folks at the show too: David (the new David we met at Memphis Concrète), Nate, Luis, Paul and Katie (briefly). It was a good time. Also, some punks who weren't here for the show, just to hang out at Murphy's got really into Little Beards' set, which was cool. One was buying merch afterwards and I think he said he's in The Gloryholes. Still haven't even heard that band. Finally made progress on that stuff that was frustrating me yesterday at work today, when I had the time between an insane amount of meetings. Yeah, so now I'm home and it's the weekend! I got some cds in the mail: Twin Peaks: Music from the Limited Event Series and Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series Soundtrack.

Print Shop

Sep. 7th, 2017 05:38 pm
Fixed up the flyer last night for the "big" show later this month. Went back up to kinkos and got 'em printed and they were cheaper than expected so that's NICE. Went by the Hi-Tone and dropped a few off. Great. That's that. Some flyers. This weekend I guess I'll distribute them in other places. There was work today and it was fine until I tried to brush up some unit tests on things I was thinking were finishing and now I'm getting huge, tedious headaches.
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Set up stuff for my upcoming show (EXPERIMENTAL /ELECTRONIC /NOISE MUSIC, Monday September 25th at the Hi-Tone) online and got the flyer ready and have gotten a pretty surprising response so far. I mean, as much as "interested" clicks on facebook count for anything. But Goner shared the flyer and that was pretty surprising. Also, the owner of the Hi-Tone immediately got back to let me know that I put 8 instead of 9 for the month...whoo-oo-oops! Fixed it in a few seconds. Work was pretty good and productive today. Came home to a few things in the mail: another giant box of earplugs (thinking ahead towards the show and for my audience's sake) and Oneohtrix Point Never: Good Time soundtrack (damn straight!). Went up to kinkos to get the flyer printed off but it was aligning weird (off center and slightly small) when they went to print it so I'll fix it and bring it as a straight pdf (instead of png) and hopefully that'll make it better.


Sep. 5th, 2017 05:46 pm
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Had a pretty laid back labor day. What did I do in the morning, early afternoon? I don't even remember. Probably just farted around the house. In the late afternoon Mary Beth and I took another walk up to the park. Later at night we ended up watching Punch Drunk Love, which we enjoyed. That's about the main heft of it. Back to work today and it was pretty good and I was productive and all that. So yeah, there you go.
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