Jan. 3rd, 2017


Jan. 3rd, 2017 05:49 pm
ateolf: (i ♥ George)
I finished reading Delta of Venus by Anaïs Nin yesterday. It was okay. Kinda awkward at work. Aside from the fact that it says "erotica" really big on the cover (why I chose the christmastime when hardly anyone's there to be reading it during lunch, also awkwardly holding the cover down at all times), it's also pretty porny so there's the invisible awkwardness of knowing what I'm reading in my head. Some of the writing's good at times but overall it was just so so. We had a fun grocery run yesterday. The new kroger sucks so bad we had to make another trip to the other kroger to get the shit they didn't have. Paul came by to pick up his bass. It looks like he's not in the band anymore, given circumstances between him and Jacques (Jacques blocking him on facebook and not liking him because of girlfriend stuff...Paul had gone out with Jacques's girlfriend just before Jacques started dating her and there's some very bad blood with how their relationship transpired). At least we got to get him his christmas presents. What else? Mary Beth had her time to beat me at Patchwork yesterday. We also watched Blue Is the Warmest Color and that was good. Back to work today. I know it was just three days off (and a half, considering how Friday went) but it felt like I was off a week. So that's pretty awesome. Oh, another Day for Night story I want to share before I forget. Evidence of Survive being the victims of hype was evident. Of all the shows I saw (granted I had a bad spot for some of 'em) none had the sheer amount of photographers amass in front of the stage as Survive did. I mean, the amount of old synths on stage is pretty impressive to a nerd like me, but as far as performance, the dudes in the band are just standing there (no problem for me, but not the kind of thing to attract photographers in droves). Of course it's all Stranger Things, but it's still pretty amusing(/horrifying?) to witness.

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