Jun. 7th, 2017

ateolf: (Zelda)
Mary Beth and I went up to Crosstown last night for a shoot & splice discussion on film criticism. Primarily from the perspective of newspaper reviews as the panel was guys who work or worked as film critics for local papers. And a lot of the discussion was about how all that's pretty much dead now (professionally speaking, as in something that newspapers still employ and pay people to do for the most part). But overall it was good stuff to listen to. Andrea moderated (nice to see her as she so recently left the Brooks). Today was kinda exciting. (Also timely, on the subject of local journalism.) The music editor for the Flyer reached out to me about doing a feature on Memphis Concrète. So that's got my brain all awry. I'm sure it won't be a huge thing, but it's still pretty cool. He'll be setting up a time to talk with me about in the next couple weeks. It's planned to come out for the issue just a couple days before the festival. Jacques is friends with J.D. who's a music writer and he had passed it along to the editor. Didn't think much would come from it, but thought I'd give it a try. Well, it seems at least something may come from it. Anyway, I got a little excited about it today. Oh, also I showed up at work and Mike had left a couple NES cartridges he had duplicates of for me: R.B.I. Baseball and Fester's Quest. That's also an exciting and nice thing. I brought a smile to my face as I arrived in the morning.

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