Jun. 4th, 2017


Jun. 4th, 2017 10:47 am
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Finished putting my modules back in yesterday. Also did a little more rearranging. Not a whole lot, but the middle row got changed up a bit. Okay then Mary Beth and I went up to Memphis Made for the Alyssa benefit show. It was pretty cool to see Alyssa there in good spirits. It was eight hours of bands. Mostly pretty good. A few not my thing, but an enjoyable experience. Got to have some delicious hotdogs (I forget the name of the food "truck" (really a stand that set up inside the venue)), they had this one Memphis themed one with pancho's cheese dip and fritos and jalapeƱos and I know it sounds way over-the-top, and I guess it is, but even Mary Beth thought it was amazing, I say "event" because she's less suckered by cheap gimmicks than I can be, so it's proof this hotdog's legit). Okay, I spent too long talking about a fucking hotdog! They also had shirts with the "Alyssa the survivor has a posse" picture. Mildly weird wearing a shirt with someone you know's face on it (admittedly a hyper-xeroxed style picture) but Alyssa's pretty cool so there you go. Mary Beth picked up a "believe women" pumper sticker. Jesse had asked me to bring the notorious clock I'd used back in the Bands for Bernie show so I did though they didn't end up using it (didn't end up needing it either). Some band highlights. Mystic Light Casino is Matthew's band, who's a friend of friends we've kind've met before. They were pretty poppy, kinda Elvis Costello-y. Mostly not super-my-thing but they had a few songs with some nice guitar noise. I'd heard good things about The Margins and they were good live. The guy who plays "bass" was playing guitar with two outputs, one run through a rig that shifted the pitch down for a bass and one that ran through a more guitar-y rig (split by pickup) so he was sort of playing "bass" and guitar parts at the same time. The bass kinda had a slightly weird tone, but it worked. This is Russ's band (who's been in a bunch of bands we've played with in the past). He also played in this new band of Harry's called Static Bombs. They were pretty good. Especially in parts. The guitarist is clearly a metal dude and he had times where he'd be playing metalish riffs or shredding solos or pinch harmonics, I wasn't into that aspect. But sometimes he had a pretty cool distorted tone and he'd feedback or whatever. And there'd be a mildly doomy driving sound with the bass and drums. So parts were really good and parts were kinda cock. Los Psychosis were really good. It's my first time seeing them with the newer members. It was nice to see Crockett Hall again. Alyssa's sister did a song with a ukulele that was very sweet. Jesse and Jack did a Magnetic Fields cover that actually pretty moving (I say "actually" as, I like a few of their songs that I've heard, I don't always like Magnetic Fields, but they did really nice). I think both got jerked some tears from Alyssa. There were also comedians between every set. Hunter Sandlin and Angela Garrone were the ones I found funniest. Okay, there you go. Fun and long day. It wasn't over super late, but it did start super early.

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