Sep. 14th, 2017

ateolf: (zoo and you)
I went out to see the Indie Memphis screening of The Lure last night. It's a Polish movie that's sort of a weird, modern retelling of Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid. In a way similar to that Saturday Church movie we just saw with its musical elements. I enjoyed it. Today at work I finally fucking figured out this issue that's been bugging me for a week. It wasn't so bad once I figured out what it was and finally removed all the damn false flags. There were stale dlls in the unit test project that weren't getting updated even though it seemed liked they were so they were stuck on old versions and I wasn't getting an accurate idea of what was happening when I ran the unit tests. Then when I figured out what exactly the issue was I did have to do some wonky stuff to get around it. It's either really smart or really stupid. We'll see! Also got a message from my parents about going to lunch so I met them at Huey's. Now I'm home and Mary Beth's made these awesome brownies and I'm gonna eat them! Yeah! (She also got her hair cut and it's super cute!)

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