Sep. 11th, 2017


Sep. 11th, 2017 06:41 pm
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Had fun yesterday reorganizing my case (/cases!) and putting in my new modules and all. And then playing with them and making a bunch of noise. In the afternoon, Mary Beth and I finished the season of Bojack Horseman with the last two episodes. Damn! That episode about his mother is maybe the best of the show so far! (It's been a while since I've watched the other seasons so maybe I'm forgetting something, but it was damn good.) After that it was back up to Ridgeway for a few more Outflix movies. First was Saturday Church and it was really good. About a teen coming to terms with being trans and his family and other difficulties. It also had some musical elements (that enhanced the story instead of detracting from it!). It opened with a short called Christine about a preteen girl and her gender identity. It was really good, my favorite short that I saw. The last movie we watched was called God's Own Country. It was like a Scottish Brokeback Mountain (which is a pat oversimplification, but works for a three word summary, also it actually takes place in northern England, I guess the accents are similar or I'm just bad at identifying British accents). It was really really good and my favorite of what we saw at the festival. The short before it was called Tristan about a second father trying to pick his baby up from daycare and it was pretty good. Then there was work today. Mostly tedious crap with unit tests. Our new developer started. Her name is Ellen. She's part of that tech901 thing that I probably mentioned earlier (a nonprofit thing that's similar to what fasttrack was). Mostly so far she's getting her computer set up. Don't know much about her yet other than that she came from doing management or something for a bunch of years. And that's all I've got!

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