Sep. 8th, 2017

ateolf: (METAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Last night I went up to Murphy's to watch Jacques perform as Revenge Body. His set was really good. Did a lot of noisy stuff. His stuff sounds a lot like if Skinny Puppy only did their "brap" stuff. He opened for Little Beards (comprised of one of the guys from Nervous Curtains and his wife). They were good, more synth poppy. I walked away with one of their shirts. There were a lot of folks at the show too: David (the new David we met at Memphis Concrète), Nate, Luis, Paul and Katie (briefly). It was a good time. Also, some punks who weren't here for the show, just to hang out at Murphy's got really into Little Beards' set, which was cool. One was buying merch afterwards and I think he said he's in The Gloryholes. Still haven't even heard that band. Finally made progress on that stuff that was frustrating me yesterday at work today, when I had the time between an insane amount of meetings. Yeah, so now I'm home and it's the weekend! I got some cds in the mail: Twin Peaks: Music from the Limited Event Series and Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series Soundtrack.

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