Jun. 8th, 2017


Jun. 8th, 2017 06:02 pm
ateolf: (the goat...BITCH!)
Last night was pretty good. Mary Beth and I went up to Crosstown again for an Indie Memphis shorts thingie. This was from the New York Japan Cinefest (as it sounds, a film festival in New York featuring Japanese and Japanese-American movies). The shorts we saw were almost all really good (the last one, an animated one, wasn't as good but it wasn't outright bad either). I enjoyed 'em a lot. The nonverbal one with dolphins and people swimming with 'em. The documentary about war brides. The introspective animated one sort-of about glasses sort-of. The weird one about a girl who works a porn-chat job. After that we went up to Murphy's for the Ihcilon/Nervous Curtains show. Sat around talking and catching up with people for a little bit. Ihcilon played and it was a little funny for that set in a bar with people watching a basketball game and shouting regularly. He was really good as always (if not a little short). Nervous Curtains were good and a similar experience to the last time they played here. I picked up a couple of their cds after the show: Fake Infinity and Low Defender EP.

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