May. 16th, 2017

ateolf: (synth & boobs)
My Intellijel Springray did arrive yesterday night. So I went to work installing my new modules. Tested it out and even with the tiny little small tank, the sound is just huge! I went to the hardware store to get some screws for the tanks but all the screws ended up being too big. Work today was pretty slow. Though there was a deployment and something went wrong. Was sure it was one of my team's apis (even though the current change being deployed was minuscule, it could have been just something that had been wrong and was only coming to the surface with more data added). But other factors that played out made me think it's something else. But I'm always open to the idea that I've just done something horribly wrong. We'll see tomorrow, I think. Still not figured out. Had a big war room huddle and I was held over. But on the way home I picked up some more screws and will see if my reverb machine can be assembled. Oh, I'd also ordered a medium tank but today I got notice that they were out of stock so I've gotta track down another. Bollocks. Oh yeah! I almost forgot! I finished reading The Shawl by Cynthia Ozick at work today. It was really good. Really short, but really good.

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