May. 15th, 2017

Yesterday Mary Beth and I went to see a recording of a production of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead at the movie theater. It had Henry Porter in it. It was a good production. I'd only ever read it. I had also ordered food for a set time based on when it said it'd end but it ended up ending over an hour earlier. So we killed some time and then went out to the Germantown Commissary and picked up some food for my family (even something for my sister and she wasn't even there). But went over to my parents' for a mothers' day thing. Not a lot from today. So far. Well, I did pick up a package from the post office on the way home. I'd notice when checking out the tracking info that they "left" a missed delivery notice on Friday (never got any notice) so I went by and was at least able to pick it up today. It had the large tank for my reverb module (supposed to come today but haven't gotten it yet) and a Blue Lantern Modules CMOS Party module (logic module) as well as some patch cables. The tank won't fit inside my case after all but that's okay, my plan b is that I'll install it inside the lid and use it as the c (external) tank and I ordered the medium which should fit inside. The Blue Lantern module is kinda weird in that it has a regular ol' circuit board that's "huge" (by eurorack standards) and not all super-compacted like they tend to be nowadays. But if it does some good logic then that's all I need. My case is plenty deep. So yeah, that's all good. Hopefully that module does arrive within the next thirty minutes. Something I didn't mention earlier. Fucked up events in the local music scene involving someone I know (not super-well, but someone I admire). Anyway, she'd been having problems with an abusive boyfriend who'd been her ex boyfriend for a while now. Anyway, even with a restraining order the police had been just ignoring her on many recent occasions. It culminated in a pretty traumatic public spectacle over the weekend. I never knew the guy, I'd probably seen him before but couldn't pick him out. Anyway, she's at least okay physically (along with most everyone else, this one guy who's a big activist sustained an injury trying to protect everyone involved but as far as I know it wasn't anything too bad) and he can't threaten or hurt her anymore. Anyway, I hope she and everyone else who was there is okay.

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