Apr. 25th, 2017

ateolf: (Robert points the bone at you)
I actually got down to it and spent my twenty minutes working on one of my stories last night (even spent a little longer 'cuz I was in the groove and ended up finishing it!...maybe a little more polishing work, but first draft anyway). So this is the first piece of writing I've finished since before I started teaching! At least seven years. It's possibly smartphones didn't exist yet the last time I wrote something... That might be a stretch. That was like ten years ago. Not sure exactly when the last thing I wrote was. No, I don't think it was quite that long ago. Seven or Eight, not that it's really THAT much longer. Anyway, I'm getting off track. I'll probably share it on here once I type it up and all that. It's the dialogue one from the workshop (the prompt had nothing to do with it being dialogue, that was just what I ended up doing). I had trouble falling asleep last night, actually for an exciting reason. It's not confirmed yet, I don't wanna jinx it or anything, but I got a message back from Natalie from Nots expressing interest and excitement about Memphis Concrète and seeing if Nots could still play. She's going to talk to the rest of the band tonight, but I've got my fingers figuratively crossed! I mean, they're my goddamn favorite band to come from this city ever and it would be super-exciting to have them play. She seemed really into the idea of someone doing something locally with experimental music. Funny story, I'd gotten notifications about people liking the page on fb, so I went to check it out and ended up seeing her in the list and was like "hey, isn't that that girl from Nots?" and it was and I was excited just to see she was interested in even going as an audience member. Then later the message came. So I guess that was some real life foreshadowing or something. Again, not confirmed yet, but here's hoping, eh? Work was a little frustrating today. There was a deployment and we had some issues. Figured them out after that piece had to be held back from moving along to the next step. But anyway, felt like a lot of stuff keeping stuff from getting done. Anyway, it's time to be home now! Oh derp. Almost forgot to mention that I finished reading Red Sorghum by Mo Yan last night. It was alright to pretty good. Some good things in it. Sometimes it felt a little plodding or didn't quite connect, but I more or less enjoyed it.

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