Apr. 20th, 2017

ateolf: (zoo and you)
I did it! My first post originating here at dreamwidth. So so so long on lj but given the recent shit with Russia, it had to be so (livejournal worked so well as lj, does dw work for dreamwidth? not a distinctive...hm...maybe I'll have to see what the lingo around these parts is). Well, so back again to the gym last night. Worked today. Find out this damn thing I'd spent so much time trying to fucking figure out thinking I was just not understanding events/delegates, well turns out it was behaving weirdly 'cuz one of the queues I was working with had gotten way fucking fulled up with over a hundred thousand messages. Well, I feel less dumb (in a way) but it sure took up a bunch of my time. Got another code review and it was just a couple of minor things to change. Feels like there was something else to say. I guess that's it though.

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