Apr. 2nd, 2017

ateolf: (Knoxville Boi)
Got out on the road yesterday a little later than expected. Zach was delayed in picking up his rental car. But we made it to Atlanta. Was expecting traffic to be horrible given the collapsed bridge, but it really wasn't bad at all. Less bad than any time I remember being in Atlanta. Maybe being the weekend had something to do with it. Anyway, we got it and got to the hotel and didn't have time for record shopping or going too far to eat so we went somewhere within walking distance. It was pretty good. I had a brisket sandwich and grits. Then we got a lyft to the arena downtown where the show was. I picked up an expensive t-shirt and got my seat. Dudu Tassa & the Kuwaitis was the opening act and they were alright. They had a few songs that were really good. They did a slightly rocked up version of traditional middle eastern music and overall it isn't my thing, but I let my mind be open to appreciate it. And overall it was pretty good. I was there a little early (well, most people just hang out where the "restaurants" and "bars" around the arena are before getting their seats) and this one guy sat there I talked to a little bit. His seat was right next to mine and we were the only two people in the row. Talked a little about Radiohead, of course. Zach was down on the floor in the general admission area. My seat wasn't too bad. It wasn't nosebleed and was relatively close. Not the best seat, far from the worst. The show was good (though the In Rainbows tour show Mary Beth and I saw was the best). Some highlights were "Idioteque" (of course, they've played that every time I've seen 'em, of course it's been amazing every time too) and "The Gloaming" and "Bloom" (which was awesome as I haven't seen them since that album came out), also they had three drums on stage for it (they brought out a kit for Johnny and there was already a second drummer on most songs). I'd assumed there was delay on the drums or something but it's extra drums! Also "Myxomatosis" was really good. The version of "Street Spirit" was really good live. They did "Subterranean Homesick Alien" which they apparently don't play very often. It was Radiohead, lots of songs and they were good. After that we got a lyft back. We walked a bit to get away from the crowd then we were in this nondescript area and it took the driver forever to find us. Oh fuck! I forgot something. After the show, I'm taking out my earplugs and I see something fall. One of my attenuators had popped out while I was taking it out. So I'm searing on the floor all around my seats. I eventually find it or part of it. There's another part of the plastic that anchors it in the mold better. All of it's just tiny clear plastic so it was really hard to find it at all. But I'm looking for the other part and eventually get kicked out by security (nicely but still kicked out). I'm a little frustrated but I'm thinking about it and I think maybe I lost part of it a few years ago at that Devo show. That was the first time it fell out and I had to search for it on the floor. And ever since then it hasn't stayed in the plug as well. It could be because the anchor piece fell off so it doesn't stay in as well. The volume reduction part is still there so it still works, just a little more fragile. Anyway, all this is very interesting to me, so apologies.

Today we got up and we were gonna get breakfast food. Zach's a little in a hurry 'cuz he's going to New Orleans to see them again and is meeting up with family there tonight. Well, we get to the breakfast place and see a line wrapping around outside so that was off. Didn't want to just drive around looking so we headed to Little Five Points where the record store is and figured we'd find something there. Not a ton of choices but we ended up at that Vortex burger place with the skull door. I had a peanut butter and fried plantain burger. It was okay, I mean it at least met the minimum criteria of being what it was so by virtue of that it had to at least be good. More apologies for my convoluted wording. Then it was a visit to Criminal Records. I got some stuff: John Coltrane: Offering: Live at Temple University; John Cage Meets Sun Ra: The Complete Concert • June 8, 1986 • Coney Island, NY; Nigeria Soul Fever; Boogie Breakdown: South African Synth-Disco 1980-1984; The Psychic Paramount: Gamelan into the Mink Supernatural; New Brutalism: Territorial Reconstruction; Matmos: The Civil War; Fleetwood Mac: Tusk; Trans Am: Sex Change; Silkworm: Italian Platinum; Xiu Xiu: Forget; and David Bowie: Stage. After that Zach dropped me off at the car rental place so I could pick up my car (after finding it after driving around the airport a bit). My ride back home was normal I guess. I made it back and the damn rental was more than I was expecting. I had reserved by the cheapest rate but it turns out that was a base price with an additional 30 cents per mile that was mixed in the fine print and I wasn't aware of. I wasn't charged THAT (which would have been way more given the distance) but was given the normal rate which was still more than I was expecting. Not insanely more, but still. It was just a little annoying to find out. But I'm back home and all is well. Oh! I almost forgot! Sarah finished artwork for the Memphis Concrète flyer! I may make a couple minor adjustments but it looks pretty darn good if I say so myself. Getting ready to really get things to start rolling. Okay.

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