Mar. 21st, 2017

Good Show

Mar. 21st, 2017 05:39 pm
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A surprising amount of stuff for a short period of time, but here we go. Yesterday I finished reading Pierre, or the Ambiguities by Herman Melville. It was really good. At time the prose was a bit slow to wade through but at times it ranked with his best. And I sort of get where he was going with the style in spite of its archaicness. But a worthy read definitely. Later in the evening I went up to Crosstown for the show that ended up being total awesomeness. Ihcilon was first (I arrived I believe just after he'd started). He was great as usual. Something interesting, he said I've been to every show he's ever played which is crazy. Josh was doing projections and he's gotten even better, some awesome visuals. This touring band called Parlor Walls was next and they were incredible. There was a dash of This Heat in there, reminded me some also of something vaguely no waveish like 8 Eyed Spy or Erase Errata, maybe some Liars. Just trying to get a frame of reference. Really good. Three piece, the singer played guitar and the drummer played keyboard and there was a clarinet player (who probably had a bunch of pedals or something I couldn't see). Nonconnah was last and that was really good. First time I'd see him live. His wife (who usually plays percussion with him) had to work so Dominic filled in playing modular. It was as pretty awesome, friendly environment. Zach (from Nonconnah) was talking about the festival to Paul not knowing who I was and was excited about it. Pretty awesome. It wasn't a crowded show but a good number of people were there. There was this high school kid who'd showed up seeing something about online. He talked to Paul and Paul mentioned the festival and he talked to me and he may end up emailing me about playing. Here's to youth. I picked up Parlor Walls' lp.

That's about it for the show. Work was alright today. I actually had two interviews. The first one was not great but okay I guess. The guy couldn't answer some stuff and I asked him about something that was in his resume and he said he didn't actually do it (his resume was like 12 pages, he could have stood taking out stuff he didn't do!). He apparently told Cook he's local to Memphis but he's in Austin and left yesterday afternoon and arrived like 3 in the morning here. So that's kinda wild. Anyway, the next interview was easily the best of all. She did pretty well and I think they're going to hire her. So that's something. Other than that, right at the end of the day I'd gone over something I'd been working on with the architect and now it ends up a bunch of it needs to be redone, but to make it simpler which is alright. Though it's weird when you've been working on adding extra stuff and then you've gotta take it out. Well, it's about time!

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