Mar. 9th, 2017

ateolf: (METAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Yesterday I went up to Choices for this volunteer orientation but it was just a bundle of misunderstanding. The orientation was originally scheduled for yesterday but got postponed to a date I couldn't make it. So I let them know I couldn't make it and they said I could have a one-on-one orientation. Didn't say when though. I got an automated reminder email about yesterday and I wasn't sure if it was leftover from the original, cancelled date or if they rescheduled. And I didn't get a response when I emailed for clarification. Anyway, thought it might not happen but figured it'd be best and not too much trouble to go just in case. Later at night I went up to Rock House Live for the Full of Hell show. They had merch out and these shirts and they had a shirt with the cover art from motherfuckin' Pulse Demon!, but they only had small/medium sizes. I'm a huge dork and tracked it down on my phone and ordered one online standing a few feet from the merch table. I did buy one of their more regular shirts in person though. The show was good. Holy Gallows opened (someone I had been in contact with about the Memphis Concrète festival and he initially responded but then did not respond to my follow up response, thought about talking to him in person about it but he was talking to someone else so I didn't). He was pretty good, lots of looping pedal action, some drone, some (mostly) post-rock. Hellthrasher was next. Local metal and were pretty good. Wasn't my sort of thing at first but I warmed up to it a bit, still not MY THING but pretty enjoyable nonetheless. Apparently some of the dudes in it are from His Hero Is Gone 'cuz the Full of Hell singer mentioned that during their set. Full of Hell was good. A mosh pit intermittently broke out at times during their set, unsurprisingly enough I guess. This time the singer didn't just have a bunch of pedals but was mostly making the noise with a MicroBrute. And while the noise was harsh and nice, there wasn't as much of it as there could have been (for a noise-lovin' dude like me).

Today was a day back at the regular work office. The noise my car was making seemed even worse. I finally caught the cause after I got to work by looking underneath with a flashlight (again) and finally spotting the strip of tire peeling off in the inside. So I knew I'd have to get that taken care of after work. Had that conversation with my employer on the phone about the bullshit. Mostly got a bit of bullshit about how they increase our pay but clients pay a steady rate and eventually they're paying more than they're making. So how did they go five years with a business model that explicitly loses money? How did they settle on this in the first place? They're this incompetent? Regardless, we get to bear the brunt now. Okay. So yeah I went by Firestone after work and got my tire replaced (and another tire). So that's fun shit but at least my car isn't making noises and being dangerous.

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