Mar. 8th, 2017


Mar. 8th, 2017 03:56 pm
ateolf: (Robert points the bone at you)
Last night I went up to Crosstown for a shoot & splice. This one was on sound in movies. It was pretty much all about on-set recording and post for dialogue. Not as awesome a subject as I was hoping for but there was some interesting stuff, I guess. Mostly with the first guy (on-set recording) talking about microphones and room tone and such. The second guy (post) pretty much just talked about a few pro tools plugins. Today was the last day of big room planning. We (my team and most other teams as well) were pretty much all done today so not a whole lot to do. It also got out real early which is super nice! I went and took my car to get the oil changed. Drove Mary Beth's car to work today. I noticed it was making a tapping kinda sound as I drove home yesterday and I also noticed a burnt oil smell. Turns out I'd been reading the odometer wrong and was a good bit past due for the oil change. So I got that done (our usual place just closed too so had to find somewhere else to go). Anyway, it's still making the tapping sound not sure what that's about but the oil is nice and fresh. Okay!

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