Mar. 6th, 2017

Been a busy past three days. So let's start from the beginning. Did some errands while Mary Beth was down in Mississippi at the Bernie/Nissan rally. Went to the new Penzey's location. Then I went to Target to get some new damn pants (I have two pair of dress slacks and one of 'em had all the belt loops in the back go out so it was kinda essential to pick up some new pants). I also picked up some workout clothes, more on that in a minute. While there I saw a new dvd collection that claimed to be "The Complete Collection" of Beavis & Butthead so I got excited for a minute but it turns out it's more of a complete collection of already extant, incomplete volumes. So boo on that noise. So a little bit after that I'm off and up to Planet Fitness to see about starting a membership. I have a look around and their weights are complete garbage. I don't want to go back into lifting right away, I want to focus more on cardio and weight loss, but I think I'd like to eventually. So that gave me pause and I considered forgoing it but not sure of anywhere else with a reasonable price. So I figured it's so cheap it'd be worth making use of what they have for the time being and if I later decide to get more serious about lifting I can quit and go somewhere else and I'd have gotten my money's worth. So I'm there and I hit the elliptical and in the midst break out the ol' tobata intervals. Oh fuck. I know I remember them never being easy but goddamn that was a motherfucker. My chest felt something like burning for hours afterwards. After all that I hit the kitchen and cook dinner (since Mary Beth wouldn't be able to being out of town and the food wouldn't last if it stayed not being cooked). So I managed to cook a nice cod dish with roasted potatoes and a nice tomato sauce (I chopped the olives myself, yeah). I think I pulled it off okay with only minor fuck ups and it tasted pretty good for the most part! I finished that just in time to make it up to Storybooth for Impossible Language. Mary Beth knew she'd be late (which she was sad about 'cuz she wanted to do: Magic City Gospel by Ashley M. Jones (she was my favorite), Objects in Vases by Alina Stefanescu, Ipokimen by Alina Stefanescu, Into These Knots by Ashley Anna McHugh, and Become All Flame by Ashley Anna McHugh.

Yesterday was band practice and that went real well. We went back to work recording the Karl Hendricks cover. Luckily the xlr cables I'd ordered came in the mail the day before. After a few run throughs we got the basic tracks: guitar, bass, and drums (with me just engineering). Sounded pretty good, though Jacques's guitar was a little flat (actually his clean guitar sounded real good and that's what we mostly set it up for, just his distorted parts felt a little dry) but after Ryan and Jack left, Jacques and I kept working on getting it down so we overdubbed his parts again to double it up (we recorded clean and distortion separate). I also had a nice little mic setup with two mics and a metal vase and got a real nice full sound. Then we recorded the vocals. Got a combo big room/closet sound by having Jacques in the living room and the mic in the little front area by the unused door (that is mostly guitar storage...sort of like singing from a big room into a closet). Kinda a weird vocal sound but we liked it and felt it was good enough not to have to add any more tracks. After that it was to get my guitar down (I came up with a part on my sg copy that's in a pretty dissonant (de)tuning). I also ran my guitar through a pretty complex modular+delay setup so that took a while to get down. Then we're starting to record and a string breaks! Then I look at the time and realized I was supposed to cook for Mary Beth again (first time in years and years and years and doing it again!) and it was later than I'd thought. So I took a break from recording to do some cooking. I also let Jacques replace my string while I was doing that. This was just a fresh market little big meal so everything was set up to be pretty easy to put together. It was shrimp and noodles and sauce. Okay, then back to the guitar and I get it recorded and everything just sounds awesome. Every step of the way. We're on such a roll and figure everything's done so we go all out and mix it down. Really good work and I'm pretty proud of it right now. Sure it's a cover, but our playing and sound is really good and pretty impressive for something knocked out in a day in my apartment.

Okay, now we're at today at work which was kinda weird. I open an email and it's from Friday but I'm just now seeing it. It's from my employer (who pays me, not where I work at) and it says that the six month raises will be "temporarily" postponed for a month (this month that had already started) and no time accrued in this month will count towards those six months. Nice timing for me as my two year anniversary is in three days and I've been looking forward to receiving that increased paycheck at the end of the month but looks like that's not going to fucking happen. The guy who sent it said to write an email and send it Monday or Tuesday (6th/7th) and they'd schedule conversations for the rest of the week. And also to include this other guy on the email. Okay, so I email him and the other guy but I get an automatic response from him that he is out of the office on the 6th and 7th. The other guy responded, but yeah, nice timing there buddy. I guess ultimately it doesn't matter, but it's "nice" to see that in effect. Anyway, other than that today I had an interview with someone supposed to be my senior developer. So it's the first time I've done an interview with someone more experienced and at a higher level than myself and also my first in person interview. Another developer Chandra was also there (he's also much more experienced than me so it was good to have him around). I had some notes and questions from his resume, but overall the guy didn't do very well which is a shame. Anyway, mostly just thinking about this raise shit. I know people who just started out are in a worse boat than me. It also speaks very ill of the future/current stability of said company. I followed up with my manager about the whole hiring-on thing they talked about months ago but he didn't have any word. A nice wake up call 'cuz I'd recently found out what full-time Servicemaster devs are making and it's less than I'd ultimately be making (more than I'm making now) and since I'm not that far off I thought maybe by the time they got around to asking me to join on it wouldn't be worth it, but now I really see the folly of clinging on to who I'm currently with even if it is more money (how long would that even last and how well will they follow through on their promises). Anyway. We'll see if anything happens either way anyhow.

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