Feb. 21st, 2017


Feb. 21st, 2017 06:21 pm
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Last night I went up to this sorta lecture thingie at Crosstown. It was that professor who spoke on the panel after Videodrome last year and she did a talk on Our Monster, Our Selves: the Monstrous Feminine in Horror Film (an eye-catching title, that one). It was really good. She spoke on the subject as described. She had clips from a few movies: Carrie, Alien (okay, I'm lying here, she didn't have any clips just some stills but she talked about it a little bit), The Brood, and Teeth. I still haven't seen Teeth (I'd seen a scene or two before) and I really need to. Was there another? I don't remember another. I also picked up a t-shirt from Memphis Women in Film who sponsored the event. Today work was kinda big I guess, we finally deployed our api to production, yay. I like the way they do it with the apis with daytime deployments, yeah! They do a blue/green deployment where first the new code goes to blue and gets tested there and then those servers get switched to green (actually facing the public). So everything there went pretty fine. I also happened to get my harddrive switched with a solid state drive! Largely by chance too! One or more of the atg teams' developers were getting these installed on their computers ('cuz atg is a monstrous behemoth that is bloated and slow, Amogh said his build time went from 30 to 3 minutes after he got the drive) but one of the developers already had one so they had an extra. So it's early in the morning shortly after I got in and still hardly anyone else was there yet and Shaun walked by and asked if I had one and then explained the deal so he installed and swapped it out for me and now my computer is a bit faster! I had gotten really slow lately. I did help when I cleaned out my temp folder but now this new drive has helped even more. So that is nice! Also I got word back from the guy who has the screening rights for Forbidden Planet and talked to him about the Memphis Concrète event and the fee is going to be a little more manageable than I thought, only $125 (which isn't nothing, but I think it's doable for my nonexistent budget). If I haven't mentioned that on here, the plan is to screen it with musicians performing the festival to play along live in a sort of tribute to Louis and Bebe Barron. And now that it looks like some of the "bigger" (still local) acts I reached out probably won't be getting back to me, it'll be a pretty nice asset to have on the "lineup" something that might generate a bit of interest and get some attention (and will be straight up fuckin' fun, yeah). Anyway, there's my news for the day.

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