Feb. 17th, 2017

To Move On

Feb. 17th, 2017 05:47 pm
ateolf: (Mission of Blurma)
I went up to Crosstown yesterday where there was this talk thingie on recording and stuff. Jody Stephens and some other guy who's an engineer at Ardent were there. They talked a lot about John Fry and Ardent. It was pretty interesting, mostly anecdotal kinda stuff. The api was finally approved today! Like, at the very end of the day so it was a little stressful waiting. But I did have time to fix a few things I'd noticed (especially with how the enums were being displayed and stored as numbers instead of the string values). But one word they gave us was how our load this pi was pretty light. And yeah though it looks like we're meeting our objectives it's just barely. So yeah, I know that and hopefully we can step up our game next pi. I know there's bound to be growing pains with a new team but it's still nice to exceed expectations and all that. You know, that kinda stuff looks good. I was pretty excited today as I asked someone about playing the festival who I wasn't sure would be up for it but she's into it so I'm getting stoked. Now I need to spend some more time asking more people stuff. The other day I got a lead from Indie Memphis Ryan about who to contact about screening a movie, I'm thinking it'll end up being too expensive but we'll see. I actually have to do it. And contact other folks. My new stereo showed up in the mail. Well, part of it. I've got the cd player now (an Onkyo 6 disc thingie). The receiver's still supposed to show up before today's over. So I'm still on my little computer speakers for the time being.

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