Feb. 9th, 2017

Not a whole lot for today. Work was pretty alright. Had a weird thing where my landlord didn't get my rent check in the mail so he had me go to his bank and deposit it directly. Never done anything like that before but it ended up being quick and easy. My stereo seems to have broken right when I came home today. Put in this cd and it started to play about a minute or two and then stopped. Went to check it out, the tray wouldn't open. Also noticed the led on the volume knob wasn't lit up as it usually is (the other lights were working). Turned it off and back on and the tray opened partway so I was able to pull it the rest of the way out and retrieve my cd. But yeah, looks like it's crapping the bucket now. Also tried to input into my stereo through my computer but it doesn't seem to be picking up the sound that way (with the light off the volume knob that leads me to believe the amp is fried). Well, that thing is old as fuck. I mean, it was a hand-me-down from Brad back when he was my roommate, probably what he had in high school and he gave it to me when he was replacing it. I guess it's served well beyond its lifespan. Even going back the tape deck's always been wonky (if functioning at all) and the cd though working has been a little wonky here and there over the years. Been thinking about getting a new system anyway, but NOT getting a new system is decidedly cheaper so I've been relying on that method. Unfortunately no more! Now I'm in the living room huddled up next to the organ where the little computer speakers are 'cuz I didn't feel like disentangling them and moving them into the other room. So there you have it, the stuff I can go on at length about: the failures of my antiquated technology that I'm so attached to!

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