Jan. 29th, 2017

ateolf: (Knoxville Boi)
I went into work early on Friday and with the extra hour I'd put in the day before I was able to take off extra early and Mary Beth and I were on the road by 4 to beat the traffic leaving town. It was a pretty uneventful trip up. The whole trip was pretty good notwithstanding an air of emotional stress. We made it into St. Louis with good time and like the nerd I am I went straight for a record store. Back to Vintage Vinyl and I picked up a few things: Susie Ibarra Trio: Radiance, Harold Budd/Brian Eno: The Pearl, Lake of Dracula: s/t, Wolf Eyes: I Am a Problem : Mind in Pieces, Blonde Redhead: Masculin Féminin, Scientist: Junjo Presents: Heavyweight Dub Champion, Scientist: Meets the Roots Radics, Chicha Libre: Canibalismo, The Flying Luttenbachers: Live at WNUR 2-6-92, and Joan of Arc: Don't Mind Control. After that we just moseyed further down the Delmar Loop over to Pi. I've wanted to go there for years since we almost went that one time (when we were with Nikole and it was between that and the Nepalese restaurant and the Nepalese restaurant won) because their thing is a deep dish pizza with a cornmeal crust. So we got that and it was good. The tomato sauce was exceptional and flavorful and you could taste the tomatoes. The only downside was all the other ingredients (sausage, mushrooms) seemed muted. But overall good.

So to the hotel and in the morning we got up and went to Goody Goody Diner. It was crowded and there was a line but the counter was open so we got to sit right away. They're apparently known for their fried chicken so we got the chicken and waffles and were not disappointed. Not quite as good as what I recently had in Houston, but still really damn good. The chicken was good stuff. The next thing was some more record shopping. Went to Euclid Records (after a detour going to the completely wrong place when I accidentally selected Euclid Market in google maps). I picked up a few things there of course: Boards of Canada: In a Beautiful Place out in the Country, Amon Tobin: Out from out Where, Squarepusher: Just a Souvenir, Thelonious Monk: Monk's Dream, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: Skeleton Tree, Fugazi: Repeater + 3 Songs, N.W.A.: Straight outta Compton, and Jean Michel Jarre: Oxygene. Then we met up with Jason and Tara! We went to this bar called Crow's Nest and hung out and talked and watched this dude making pancake art with different colored batter (mostly things like pokemon that kids requested, very mesmerizing to watch the process). They took us to the science museum that's in Forest Park where they volunteer. It was pretty awesome and in this awesome hyperboloid building. Also cool to learn that Tara's working towards an online degree in computer science. That'd be cool to be colleagues one day. Starting to learn Python. I should learn Python myself. I've only dabbled in it a little bit (but what I've seen I like a lot). Then we went back to their place. First time we've seen their house and it's pretty damn awesome. They've transformed their bedroom into like a ship's cabin theme through the sheer force of handiwork (something I cannot fathom). Their dogs were very excited. Jason played some of his music and at the end we had some pickled okra and green tomatoes they'd canned.

I was hungry but we decided to go straight to the venue anyway. We were there pretty early and staked out a good spot right in the front of the stage. Creepers played first. It's the dudes from Deafheaven's other band, mostly pretty straight shoegaze. It was good. The Body was in the middle. And holy fuck. They played an electronic noise set. No guitar, no drums. They each had a bunch of pedals and made noise with that. There was a third dude with them on samples. They actually played songs from albums material. The sampler dude grounded it, especially with the drum samples that tied it in with the original music, and any dialog samples if the song had them. It was pretty phenomenal. Also I got to be reminded of how low the singer makes sure his vocals are set. Since we were so close, I think most of the vocals we heard were from him directly instead of the speakers. And they sound checked and he made sure that was the level they were at. It was true when we saw them before too. They had a big sheet up and a projector and other than that all the lights were off. It was pretty phenomenal. Oh, and they actually played a normal-length set, at least thirty minutes (the other time was only like twenty minutes, pretty short). Alcest were last. I had checked them out beforehand and liked what I'd heard. They kept up that sound for the show. They were good. Pretty metal is how I described it (kind of like a slightly metal Sigur Rós; also, apparently they're the originators of the "blackgaze," black metal meets shoegaze I guess what Deafheaven would fall under, though they sound a lot less black metal, oh and they're French for whatever that's worth). Anyway, it was a good show. They played pretty long and all their stuff started to sound a little samey after a while, but it was enjoyable. I picked up some merch. Shirts for all of the bands (two for The Body) and a couple cds: The Body: No One Deserves Happiness and Alcest: Kodama.

Then we tried to eat. There were a bunch of places open late in The Grove (the strip the Ready Room is in), but they were all very loud and it being a Saturday night it was a much clubbier atmosphere. So I looked up somewhere else that'd be open and we went to this deli near the university. Then back to the hotel.

Okay. So we drove back today. The drive back was pretty uneventful. We did eat Culver's on the way back and is it possible that it was even more amazing than I remember? Anyway, it was Culver's. Mary Beth was pleasantly surprised by the free coffee in the morning (or at least Sunday morning). After getting back and settling in, we went up to Growlers (the place where the Hi-Tone used to be) for a screening of The Devil and Daniel Johnston. Hadn't seen it before and it was really good. Then grocery shopping. Okay, you're caught up!

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