Jan. 23rd, 2017

ateolf: (The Metamorphosis)
The Memphis Forward meeting yesterday got postponed so I was able to make it to the Roe v Wade demonstration at Choices with Mary Beth. I even made my first sign! It said "we won't go back" with a crudely drawn coat hanger in the middle. I got the idea after a google search, but it actually came pretty close to the sentiment I was thinking but wasn't able to put into coherent/catchy words very well. There was a pretty good sized crowd in the parking lot (but not sidewalk) next to Choices. It was raining a little bit on the way over there, but it let up by the time the demonstration started. Mostly positive reactions from the people driving down Poplar. After that Mary Beth went on something of a little date. We got some Gus's and then went to see Hidden Figures. It was pretty good, pretty hollywoody in that way but if you're going to have that kind of movie it's nice to see it glamorizing math (especially in conjunction with civil rights and feminism). After coming home I wanted to watch another movie and I was trying to decide what to watch when what do I notice staring out at me from the dvd shelf but For All Mankind. So I figured I had to continue the theme and I was glad I did 'cuz it was really good.

After work today Mary Beth and I went up to this "writers' cabaret" up at Theater South. They passed out a sheet with a bunch of prompts and then gave us an hour and then people read what they wrote if they so chose. I first get this sheet and I'm staring at it drawing blanks. I mean, I guess I'm just reading them as straight essay questions at first. But then I started juxtaposing a few of the prompts together in my head and something started to come. I ended up by mashing up three of the prompts (though the time ended before one of them came to the surface, it's there the whole time, but I ran out of time right before I was making it apparent). Anyway, the prompts were: "What is your relationship to time.", "Write about being in a hospital.", and "Write about swimming.". Those were the ones I picked anyway. I was actually getting pretty into what I was writing and once I started it came relatively fast for me. Hopefully I'll get around to finishing it and then maybe I'll even post the results on here. It's been so many damn years since I've written anything.

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