Jan. 15th, 2017


Jan. 15th, 2017 11:52 am
ateolf: (Zelda)
Yesterday afternoon I ended up watching Dillinger Is Dead. It was pretty good. For the most part I liked it. I liked the meandering dull pace at the beginning and the visuals towards the middle especially with the projector. I don't think I was super crazy about the handling of the main character's wife, a bit sexist and of its time, but there was at least some level of ambiguity. After that I went and had dinner with Dustin and Daphne (and Stephen) at Stevi B's (a kids' pizza buffet place out in Bartlett...okay, and Stephen is Daphne's stuffed zebra that she's had forever). Dustin gave me my christmas present which was some contact mics (so I should soon do something with them!...and the ones that I've had forever and haven't touched in forever, now I've got a good collection, maybe I can make something happen, also it triggered the beginnings of an idea for a Memphis Concrète sound installation...). We hung out a little bit, ate some kinda bad pizza, and watched Daphne play some games (a ticket wheel of fortune thing where you can win different numbers of tickets depending on where the wheel lands, I guess more like the price right wheel thingie...and ski ball). With her ticket winnings she picked out: a pack of tiny playing cards, a plastic snake thing that moves kinda like a snake due to its joints, and a single toy soldier (that can't stand up on its own "base").

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