Mar. 13th, 2017


Mar. 13th, 2017 07:05 pm
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Yesterday Mary Beth and I hung out around the apartment a bit, ordered pizza and watched a movie: My Beautiful Launderette, which was really good. I finally worked up the nerve to make it out to the gym and do my exercising (hard to get motivated AND actually execute it when you're full of pizza!). After that I lay in bed a bit unable to move (well, not unable but I didn't much move anyway). We went out to the Lamplighter for this writers' thing that Ashley invited us to. What's it called? I forget, but it was mostly word games, not quite as prone to generate writing as the other workshops we went to, but it was still fun. This one game where you write a bunch of halves and then put your halves together with the people next to you is pretty fun. Didn't get much sleep last night. Work was alright today. Mary Beth made pb&j bars and I got to share those around. Not a whole lot else. Lots of meetings. Nonconnah, who I had contacted about the festival before but didn't hear back ended up getting in touch with me through another channel 'cuz Nathan brought 'em along so that's awesome. After work I went up to Choices for the volunteer orientation. Pretty cool. Filled out some paperwork and got a tour of the place. They'll be getting back to me with a list of upcoming volunteer opportunities. So that's cool. Cool cool cool. I forgot to mention one of the primary features of Saturday night in my last post. It snowed! While we were at the Rec Room snow was coming down pretty good (not the kind to stick a whole lot but it was goin' pretty good for a bit). Half of February felt like full-on spring and then it's genuine snow near the middle of March. Yeah.

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