Mar. 12th, 2017

ateolf: (the goat...BITCH!)
Yesterday was a day of tires. Primarily back and forth, to and fro Firestone. We dropped Mary Beth's car off to get checked out. My new tire hadn't arrived yet so we went about and did some grocery shopping on my doughnut. Then when they were both ready we headed back to pick the car and tire up. It's really cold outside and raining and sleeting so when they gave me back my tire I asked if they could put it on (you know, they have huge platforms that lift the car up all convenient-like which makes it a much easier task than lifting it up from the ground with a shitty jack and, you know, not out in the weather), but the guy gave a look and was kinda evasive and said there wasn't anybody available now and maybe we could wait so much time with a tone of voice insinuating we really wouldn't want to do that now. So whatever I just took the tire and left. Too much precipitation to do it right there in the parking lot so I put the new tire in the trunk and drove home on the spare to leave it for later. By the time I got home there wasn't really much of any precipitation so I went ahead and got it out of the way then. Mary Beth spent the next chunk of time at home watching La Ronde (which now may be my favorite Max Ophuls film, it was really great). Opening shots that are long complex tracking shots are usually pretty nice (and then quite a few more beyond the opening). I also enjoyed the postmodern elements. A lot of great visuals and use of camera positioning and angles. Some funny visual puns as well. Anyway, after that we went up to the Rec Room for this show of video game music. It was a band called pxls and unfortunately they were kinda terrible. It was a regular rock band covering video game songs. The guitar was the centerpiece and the guitarist was pretty shreddy but also sloppy. The bassist relied on bass popping on like every song. They also had this gimmick where they had these video game related stuffed dolls and if you took one and threw it at them they'd have to stop and play a song from the game the doll was from. So periodically they'd be playing one song and then stop and play another and then go back to playing the song they'd stopped. Also, there were only so many dolls so the same doll would get thrown multiple times and they'd play that song multiple times. It was a bit annoying. Anyway, Matt was also there so we hung out with him a bit. It was pretty fun overall and glad we checked it out, but I probably wouldn't check 'em out again (of course I was hoping for something more directly chiptune, but even the rock band set up could have been good anyway, enough of this). When I woke up today and after a while remembered it was daylight savings, I felt not so bad about sleeping so insanely late, I only slept in really late.

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