Jun. 5th, 2017


Jun. 5th, 2017 06:50 pm
ateolf: (synth & boobs)
Did a bit of errand running yesterday. Got some shower curtain rings from the dollar store. Yeah. Now my little "backstage" simulator is complete. I spent most of the evening working on music. I think the sort of music that I have in my head (very serialist, very disconnected, disjointed, with a vast array of different sounds and tonalities) won't be possible (really most music like that is studio and tape made), at least with the resources I'll have available at the time. So I'm rethinking my approach, at least to some degree. But I played with my modular for the most in a long time. Not sure how much I did was usable at least for the time being, but it is good to get some practice in just using anything at all. Watched the latest episode of Twin Peaks last night! Now I have to sit back and...wait for more! I got some festival planning stuff done. Have a spreadsheet out there for people to sign up to volunteer for shifts for things. I have had at least someone other than myself sign up for something. That's a start!

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