May. 21st, 2017


May. 21st, 2017 12:30 pm
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Yesterday was pretty action-packed. I tried to get started installing my new reverb tank and module into my eurorack case, and ended up being confronted with the cause for why some of the nuts had fallen out of the case a while back and the rails are loose. They'd come unscrewed in a couple places out back. So I mostly took apart my case and am going to completely take it apart and take out the frame when I get the appropriate parts and my case will be in the best condition since before it was in my possession, once I do... Anyway, all that's still in between as most of my modules are spread out on the table on bubble wrap. Mary Beth walked over to the Hattiloo to catch a production of Gem of the Ocean, which was really good. I hadn't been familiar with August Wilson and I'll need to check out more of his stuff. A little later Josh picked us up to hang out with some of his other friends at Railgarten and play ping pong. Mary Beth and I had never been there before. So we met Bill and Kathryn (Catherine?) and Jason (I think). The dudes all played a bunch of ping pong, doubles. It was fun and I was sweaty. After that Josh took us up to the Hi-Tone for the Grrl Fest. We got there towards the end of Hash Redactor's set so we only caught a few songs but they were pretty good. Sounded a bit like krautrock through a bit of a Goner sort of lens. I believe the rhythm section is the same people as the Nots' rhythm section (positively the same bass player, and pretty sure it was the same drummer). Other highlights were seeing Sweaters Together again. The show last week was probably better, but this one was enjoyable too. It was funny and abstractly stressful to a guy like me seeing the main stage get more than a full set behind schedule. Got to see Magnolia and they were pretty good. Check out the greater Rare Nnudes connection going on. Nots were last and they were great as always. Betsy arrived and Josh left for a while to go to a birthday party and came back with Gary and Rachel. It was a pretty sweet time all around. This morning I woke up and ordered Showtime on Amazon (yes, Twin Peaks is tonight!!!). Then I went out to the hardware store that has the bolts for my eurorack case. I did get some of the bolts; however, the nuts it requires are really small and square-shaped instead of hex-shaped. They only had more standard hex nuts that were a little bigger and definitely wouldn't fit inside the rail. So it looks like I've gotta go online for it and can't finish putting my case back together immediately. Ah well.

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