Feb. 24th, 2017


Feb. 24th, 2017 05:55 pm
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I watched Ivan the Terrible, Part II last night. It was also good. It's interesting 'cuz there were some things I liked more in the first and some things I liked more in the second. It was still visually striking, but it felt like there were more especially visually striking moments in the first, it was also a little bit shorter. I did like how the message came out more upfront (but there were some nice things about the ambiguities in the first; however, could be construed as putting forth a kinda shitty message if not read right, or in part anyway). So yeah. Today at work I was in productive mode. I wasn't doing this development for the data loading work, but Sterling was having performance issues retrieving data from the contacts api and I went and tracked people down and got some indexes added in the database and it sped up significantly. So I had a bunch of running around and tracking people down and talking and getting stuff done, yeah. And we were all like yeah our shit's done and then we got some clarification on some of the business rules that would come out of the flat file we're loading and realized some of our thoughts were wrong and we had to change some shit. But that was okay. I actually did that work and it didn't take too long. We've gotta get this data loaded by the end of the day Tuesday. Contacts (which we depend on) is being migrated from sql to mongo Monday night so that makes things a little complicated. Sterling might be able to run it over the weekend and then we'll be fine, otherwise it'll have to be done Tuesday, I think. Maybe. We'll see. It's our last commitment for this pi and if we finish we meet all our objectives and if we don't we don't! Okay enough bullshit work talk!

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