Jan. 16th, 2017


Jan. 16th, 2017 05:10 pm
ateolf: (Mission of Blurma)
Mary Beth and I went up to the Dixie Memorial Pet Gardens out in Millington for the communal scattering of Horace's ashes. The guy working there was a little embarrassed 'cuz they're in the middle of renovations or whatever and it's kind've a mess with a lot of mud right now (that I guess combined with winter making things pretty barren). But we walked across the rainbow bridge to the little island where they scatter the ashes. There was one more couple there (they had a great dane). The woman insisted that I'd want to take a handful of the ashes and scatter them myself, but I didn't. It wasn't a ceremony or anything, just the guy who works there comes out and does it every Sunday, the cremation being on Saturday.

In the later part of the afternoon I went over to the new Crosstown Concourse (the old sears building) for Emma's housewarming party. They're one of the first to move into the apartments. The building's still a construction zone and none of the businesses are moved in/open yet. And there aren't that many residents moved in yet either. It was pretty cool to visit. The apartments make up floors seven through ten. They're on the eighth floor. Their view is pretty spectacular. They're on the side facing North Parkway, so lots of trees and a lone smokestack in the distance to the right. Later I went with a group up to the tenth floor. We past some half-assed semi-barrier to this big atrium (I guess is the word, you can see down to the first floor), and there's a balcony out there on the city-facing side. It was a pretty nice view up there.

After that Mary Beth and I went to The Belle Tavern for this writers resist event where people read poetry relating to the current political climate (you know, fucking trump). It was really good. A lot of good stuff read. Mary Beth's new friend Ashley (who runs Impossible Language) helped organize and what she read was really good and lots of others.

Yeah, now there's today. Another MLK day where I went to work (Servicemaster recognizes it as a company holiday but Cook doesn't). Pretty empty. I was the first person for a little bit, but a few more people showed up. And after a while a bunch of people showed up for anime and junk food in the afternoon. So I worked a while (though hard to find actual work to do!) and then played a game of Legendary (the Marvel deck-building game) that Patrick brought. Some others were playing videogames and they were about to watch some anime but I figured it was time to head home. Now here I am.

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