Jan. 12th, 2017


Jan. 12th, 2017 07:21 pm
ateolf: (the goat...BITCH!)
I went over to Josh's last night. He had fixed my Mikrophonie module and we'd set up a time to hang out a few days ago. Dustin ended up showing up too (which was good 'cuz he's the one who gave the module as a present in the first place). So I didn't actually break anything when I unsuccessfully tried to desolder it before. Actually, when Josh was fixing it and finishing putting together the last few pieces, he'd left out an ic chip so it was missing a key part so that's why it didn't work! He found it and now it works. So I brought over my system and put it in and the other guys had their stuff going and we had a little jam fest. So I got to play with my new module and it's pretty awesome (it's mostly just a piezo mic attached to the back of a panel but there's a bit of texture to the panel you can scrape (similar to the Stockhausen piece it's named after) and it does awesome stuff hooked up to other modules). Dustin had a little idea that was similar to what I tried to implement on one of my birthdays a couple years ago. We each picked a random number and got three words (two adjectives and a category of module). I got "smooth," "chiptune," "envelope generator" (Josh got "anxious," "noisy," "sequencer" and Dustin got "noisy," "trembling," (? or a word close to that) "high pass filter"). We each recorded our bit separately for a few minutes (not listening to anyone else's). Then we played them back simultaneously and it sounded really cool. There was also some random jamming. Josh was curious about my Edges so we hooked it up to his four-channel midi-to-cv converter and had a bit of polyphony. Dustin asked about the difference in sound between the Polivoks and Wasp filters so I got to do a side-by-side comparison which was fun. And bunch of other jamming stuff. It was fun.

Then it was back home where I really had trouble sleeping. It took me a long time before I could fall asleep. But I made it through work today. Matt had a birthday lunch thingie and we got sushi at Sakura. A bunch of us ordered a bunch to share but Stephen miscalculated and got probably way too much sushi. I kept eating it but I got so so full. Anyway, so our bills were tangled up in this complicated way and I had a meeting at one that I was late for. Drat. After work I managed to call the cremation company. I felt bad 'cuz I'd put it off yesterday and meant to call today but then I forgot. I was surprised when a person actually answered and took my call. So they're going to pick Horace's body up from the vet tomorrow and cremate him Saturday and do a communal scattering of ashes in their garden on Sunday. I know it keeps getting easier but it's still not easy.

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