Feb. 13th, 2017

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Yesterday afternoon Mary Beth and I went to the Southland Mall to meet up with Our Revolution for a voter registration drive. Didn't realize it before we got there but it was door-to-door canvassing. Never done that before (for the obvious reasons). We went with a little group of four but we split up two and two to take different directions. Mary Beth and I stuck together. We made a bit of progress to a few houses and got some responses (what issues regarding voting that people are interested in). After a little bit she got overwhelmed so we headed back a little early. In the evening I finished reading The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man by James Weldon Johnson. It was good, stylistically pretty simple but some of the ideas were pretty good. At night Jacques and I went to meet Chad about the movie soundtrack. It was his idea after we sent him the last files and he was almost an hour late coming in from out of town, but once he got there it was pretty productive. He had some reservations about the new "dubstep"/"dance" track. It went well with the part at the end but didn't quite go with another part. He replayed his temp track and we mentioned the one that was based off of. He didn't have it around anymore, but I grabbed it off my phone from slack and we found that the first one, while it didn't work for the end, it worked for the earlier scene and the vice versa for the new one. So everything ended up working out nice and swell and we don't have to do anything more and we're done! That's exciting.

Today was strangely eventful. I let Matt know that I'll work on his campaign. Turns out Memphis Forward isn't an issue, not yet anyway. We're still a pac and though there was talk of filing as a c4, that hasn't been done yet and we'll talk about it later if it and when it comes up. I spread the word around to a bunch of folks about Memphis Concrète now that it has dates set (June 24/25). Getting a few ideas too so that's pretty exciting. Got my architect code review/feed back about the api at the end of the day, whew. A little stressful. I mean, I think we can get the changes in before the sprint's over, let's hope so anyway.

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