Jun. 12th, 2017


Jun. 12th, 2017 05:32 pm
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Did some more practicing on my Memphis Concrète set. I also copied out all my patches, just in case. After running it through, I think I'm going to scale it back a little bit. I feel like I'm rushing from one bit to another and not giving some parts enough time to breathe. Mary Beth and I went up to a going away party for someone she knows (and only a little bit). There were a ton of people there, a very popular couple. We knew a couple people there. Otherwise we just had some good grill food (and I busted up someone's wooden, oh, what do you call it? the thing that demarcates the edge of a garden but not a fence, ground level, whatever it's called, the path was overflowing with children as ice cream was distributed so I went to the side to get by and stepped on it and pulled it down, nice). What did we do later? We watched the latest episode of Twin Peaks, that's what! Really good. And rounded off the night watching a little Sense 8 with Mary Beth. Didn't see the beginning, but I was catching on.

I got a message from someone at Cook today and they're saying that Servicemaster is going to hire me full time. A little weird I didn't hear it first from Servicemaster, but I guess that's good news! I guess we'll see where that's going in a few weeks. Something I forgot to mention in my last post: as we were hanging out on the patio outside of Canvas after the show, we had a conversation with another friend of Luis's. This guy was an associate producer on this movie we was at Indie Memphis called Free in Deed that was really good. So that was pretty cool. Oh, and I got a couple things in the mail: the remaining wristbands for the festival (the color for performers and volunteers, felt I needed to add that) and a little usb audio adapter for the raspberry pi so I can actually hook it up to sound!

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