Mar. 4th, 2017

ateolf: (zoo and you)
Fun night last night. Mary Beth and I went out to the pandh for a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend watching party hosted by Andrea. So got to watch a couple season one episodes. Then they stayed around for karaoke. Took a while to get to me but I did "Needles in the Camel's Eye." Some guy did a pretty good rendition of "The Cutter." Anyway, pretty good stuff. Came home to my package sent from Criterion flash sale dvds: Inside Llewyn Davis, Hoop Dreams, My Beautiful Laundrette, and Punch-Drunk Love. Right now Mary Beth is going down to the greater Jackson, MS area to the rally where Bernie Sanders is speaking for the union at the Nissan plant. Pretty exciting. I'm just sticking around here to do errands. Oh! Speaking of her being exciting (and awesome), she was at a trans equality rally earlier this week and got interviewed by the news and had a clip on the news! I have to brag on that.

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