Jan. 20th, 2017

ateolf: (Robert points the bone at you)
Had the big meeting of the preferences model and all that's gotten way bigger than it was before. So it's nice we can finally really be working on this stuff, but now we've got a late start and there's a lot more than it seemed at first! Ay ay ay. Anyway, after work yesterday Mary Beth and I went up to Hattiloo see this panel on the intersection between black/race issues and gay issues. It was good. They had this play afterwards so we decided to see it too: Blueprints to Freedom: a Tribute to Bayard Rustin. I really didn't know anything about Bayard so it was nice to learn something. It focused on the time planning the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom (the ol' "I have a dream" march). I've tried to get a Radiohead ticket the past two days. Yesterday was the presale and I was waiting in the queue but I didn't make it through. Regular tickets went on sale today and I managed to get one. I went for the non-cheap bracket this time. I was trying for general admission (on the floor, center, in front of the stage) but I ended up with a seat. Seems like it's a pretty decent seat as that goes. Zach managed to get a GA ticket (even though he got through later). I emailed to see if I can trade (same price) if any are available. Probably not but doesn't hurt to ask. Well, I'll be happy seeing 'em either way it turns out. I got off work early 'cuz of the time I spent on the production issue last weekend. So I'm off in time to go to this protest march (and there's another tomorrow). I'm ignoring any events that may or may not have happened today in the world and/or country. Okay!

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