Apr. 22nd, 2017


Apr. 22nd, 2017 01:19 pm
ateolf: (The Metamorphosis)
Went to Josh's fortieth birthday party last night. It was gonna be at Railgarten but due to weather got moved to their house. Lot of people there. Good time talking to people and lots of kids running around. It felt like we were out really late, but it wasn't that super late when we came home. Got up this morning to go to the writing workshop. I got a few starts of things down and it was pretty fun. There was a weather theme (I guess because of the weather outside!). Mary Beth is off at the science march, I hope she hasn't gotten too wet out there. Came home to a piece of a module in the mail (reverb tank for my reverb module that hasn't arrived yet, it's the small tank, I'll also be having the large tank come with the module itself...so almost something fun but not quite!).

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