Mar. 16th, 2017

The Return

Mar. 16th, 2017 06:48 pm
Tuesday night Mary Beth and I watched The Kid. Then yesterday was kind've a weird day at work. Worked on deploying this survey thing and kept running into unforeseen things I had to fix. Then I clicked the wrong thing when trying to restart the test environment in AWS and managed to completely break it to all kinds of fuck. So yeah, on this one screen there's a dropdown and I should have clicked "redeploy the application" but I got it mixed up with the "restart the environment" option that's right next to it. So in this restart it tries to do things my login doesn't have access to and the environment completely breaks. Well, get someone who does have the permissions (and actual knowledge) to try to run that himself and it seemed like he was able to do it successfully (it took a while and finished at night). But nothing is really able to hit what's deployed to it. That whole process somehow got it disassociated from (according to Justin) the load balancer. So yeah, it's a big heaping mess that was all due to my dumb misclick (I feel bad, but not super-bad because it's kinda ridiculous something like that could happen in the first place and a not ununderstandable point of confusion). Anyway, nice break after work 'cuz Mary Beth and I went up to the Brooks to see The Man Who Fell to Earth. They also had a little Bowie crafts thing and I badly sewed to pieces of fabric with Bowie stuff on them together. Excited. Also before it they showed some silent super 8 footage someone had taken of his Memphis show back in 72. There was also a little discussion about his career and the movie and all. Anyway, fun movie to rewatch. Today I got to learn that there's a thing my team will be working on and we just won't be writing the code for our api but the universal code for all apis to use. Kind've exciting and uh, no pressure! Also, looks like I got someone to do the artwork for Memphis Concrète. Now I need to throw together a summation of my design ideas!

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