Feb. 14th, 2017

ateolf: (zoo and you)
It's Valentine's Day! Yeah! What's gone on today? My mom went to the hospital for a doctor visit and while they were out my parents wanted to do lunch. Mary Beth decided she'd wanna meet us as well. So we met though my parents took almost an hour so it was a little late but that's okay since I didn't have any afternoon meetings. And it was nice seeing them and seeing Mary Beth an extra time. Work was pretty productive. Had another meeting about one of my team members this time with my scrum master as well. She conferred with me afterwards about hating this kinda stuff. Yeah. After work I went about gathering my Valentine's surprise for Mary Beth: ultimate-diy chicken and waffles! Picked up chicken from Gus's (that's right!) and some waffles from ihop (as they're about the only place to get waffles after late afternoon on a Tuesday). Mostly went pretty smooth but though I'd called ahead ihop didn't start my order til after I got there (and I showed up just a little late 'cuz there was a train, 5:10 on a weekday?, good timing!). Luckily waffles are pretty quick. Anyway, I sound like I'm bitching but it wasn't that bad, more just amusing details to fill my little journal with. Okay so back home and we had our lovers' feast! I got a few gifts from her: a Rec Room shirt that has an nes controller with some hearts around it and the text "let's console each other" (nice!) and a fit bit so now maybe I can get some motivation to get off my ass a little more! Okay, now to be off!

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