Jul. 6th, 2017 08:06 pm
ateolf: (Knoxville Boi)
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During my lunch break I went to my post office to pick up a package for a notice I received yesterday. Well, it turns out that they took it back out for delivery again today. So that was kinda a waste. But I was set to meet Amy to interview for the Sonosphere podcast. Since I was planning on going to the post office anyway I had us meet at Midtown Crossing. It was a really good conversation. I'm not sure how much great stuff I said interview-wise, but we just sat around and talked for a while about music and the festival and just other general conversation before. Anyway, it was a good chat and had a good time and I hopefully said some decent stuff but I wasn't really event focused on it as an interview which was cool I guess. Probably because we waited until after we ordered to really get started and were just chatting before and the interview kinda went into it from there. I stayed a little late 'cuz going back into midtown (/crosstown) made it a pretty long lunch. Back home Mary Beth and I started in on a little bit of I Love Dick. Anything else? I guess that's about it for now.
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