Jul. 22nd, 2017 09:21 am
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On Wednesday night we went to the Indie Memphis screening of Abacus: Small Enough to Jail (documentary about the only bank that got prosecuted by the feds after the 08 financial crisis, a small family-owned bank serving the Chinese immigrant community...). It was good, what you expect going into it but a good story. And (spoiler alert?) the outcome was nice. Interesting they got the one juror to interview about it (even though she was one of the few strongly holding out against the bank til almost the very end, where it almost went to mistrial). I mean, you know anyway, but it's insane just how long a trial can go on. Jesus. What else? Okay, Thursday was Mary Beth's birthday. Well, I got word from my manager that I will be able to take my vacation coming up (complications of switching over and being hired on and being in the no-vacation first three months and all my time starting over and Cook not paying out my accrued vacation time, fuckers) but it's sort of a hush-hush thing. After work Mary Beth and I went and had dinner at Red Fish, that new sushi place at that mansion on union. Later we watched Tampopo. It was good though I started getting really tired and was having trouble staying awake the last half or so (my physical condition, nothing to do with the movie). Then yesterday was my birthday. Had some slight triumphs with a production deployment at work that hadn't gone well the day before. Came home to some presents from my lovely wife: Deep Listening: a Composer's Sound Practice by Pauline Oliveros and Sounding the Margins: Collected Writings 1992-2009 by Pauline Oliveros! Two books by my hero so I'm pretty excited about that. We went on a little adventure down to Mississippi to eat at this shack called Sidestreet Burgers in Olive Branch. Really good stuff and we also got these nachos that were incredible. Back at home we ate some rich chocolate bundt cake that she'd made on the deck outside. And we just hung out and had some fun together. Not a whole lot else, low key birthdays but they were nonetheless good. I did have a somewhat sad realization this morning: there's not enough room in my case for the eurorack module I next most want. Yeah yeah, "boo hoo" but still...
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I finally finished reading that The Review of Contemporary Fiction Fall 2011 | Vol. XXXI: Flann O'Brien: Centenary Essays. Librarything tells me I've been working on it for over four years now. At least one or two of those years it was missing, but still. Other than that, work today and some mildly frustrating stuff. Nothing too crazy, but still. A thing was deployed to production and it's right in test but not in production so it's like, what the hell, okay. Came home to Mary Beth having a cute haircut! That's it!


Jul. 18th, 2017 07:32 pm
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Last night I ended up watching The Living Skeleton. How do I describe this movie? It's a b horror movie, but it's shot with arty angles and lighting. It's definitely competently filmed, but that contrasts with the effects which are rubber bats and a few rubber skeletons. And the plot is completely nonsensical. There's even a sort of explainy twist at the end but that ends up making less sense than it did before. I mean, it's not nonsensical in an abstract or crazy way, I mean you can connect the dots, it's just lazily written. After work I went over to Nate's to help him with a few mix ideas for the album he just finished recording. So I got to hang out with his fat cat Jojo who is awesome and Pattie (his awesome baby!). We made a few small adjustments on a few tracks. Played around. It was fun. He lent a module that doesn't fit in his case currently: Krpls Circuit Bent Digital Waveguide. So hopefully I'll get a moment to play around with that. Also got in the mail a violin bridge. Maybe I'll break out my violin again at some point.


Jul. 17th, 2017 06:10 pm
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Yesterday I met with most of the massive crowd of people that will be playing in Nonconnah up at Cafe Eclectic. Obviously Zach and Denny, plus myself and Kate, Stephen, Dominic, and Jack (there's also Kelley who couldn't make it). Mostly just talking and stuff and we'll figure out when we'll get together and actually make music together. After that Mary Beth and I watched Stalker at home (making full use of getting that dvd early!). I especially enjoyed the black and white (tinted) photography at the beginning. There was a lot of really good cinematography in it though. After that we went up to Belle Tavern for the Writers Persist thingie to hear a bunch of writers read some stuff. So it was good. Then back home to watch the latest episode of Twin Peaks. It was like, a jam-packed day or something. Today was my first day working as a full ServiceMaster employee. Not that it felt in any way different or anything, but that's pretty cool. Talked to Zach a bit about Twin Peaks and Criterion movies (the Twin Peaks is business-as-usual, the Criterion talk was a new addition).


Jul. 16th, 2017 09:29 am
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Not a whole lot yesterday. Ran errands and all that. I did get some stubs to do a remix for Qemist. They're due the week after next so we'll see if I have time to get around to it. I think it'll be fun to do, but we shall see how/if it goes!


Jul. 15th, 2017 10:31 am
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It is the morning. Not a whole lot going on since my last post. I ended up being more tired than I'd thought and just passed out unexpectedly last night. That's fine, I guess I needed the sleep. My little public speaking escapade probably riled up my nerves a bit and wore me out subtly. So yeah, just a leisurely morning with Mary Beth and Trudy so far.
Mary Beth and I went downtown last night. We stopped by Scoops Parlor and had some scoops of delicious bourbon ice cream. It's that place across from The Arcade that you usually see and think about stopping at only after you've just eaten at The Arcade and you're painfully full so that's off the table. We were going to go to this screening of this documentary about Orange Mound at Clayborn Temple but we got there an hour early thinking it was starting an hour earlier than it did. We went away but never ended up making it back. Later, I finished editing the last Memphis Conrète set that Amy asked for for the Sonosphere podcast.

This morning I picked up my last paycheck from Cook. Now, yeah, now I'm no longer employed by them. I did get pretty pissed off when I asked about my accrued pto and they let me know they don't pay any of it out. Motherfuckers. Really, fuck those cheap ass fucking fucks. Good thing I at least kinda recently took time off for the festival. I have a whole week that I'm about to take so there's all this time saved up and they're not doing shit about it. Fucking motherfuckers. I've never had a job fuck you over like that. If I'd've known I would have taken off a bunch of time (though knowing them they probably just wouldn't've approved it or some shit). Anyway, that aside, you know those dreams where you're back in school and suddenly find out you have to do a presentation and you didn't know and you're completely unprepared? Well, I had a similar scenario at work today. Not that drastic, but still. I got a message asking if I was coming to a certain room number. I said okay and went and there's all these people filling the room. I ask what's going on and it turns out they're doing the thing where all the teams present their epics for the upcoming pi and read out what they're doing and size it and people ask questions etc. I hadn't been included on the email invitation so I was completely unaware of it. Now they're doing it where all the tech leads are the ones who do the read-out (in the past, it was the product owner). We did the meeting on our stuff before and there's already a printed sheet with our information prepared by our product owner. But during the first few teams' readings, I had to go through that sheet to familiarize myself with what I had to talk about. It didn't end up being bad, we did talk about this stuff yesterday or the day before, but just that surprise of coming into a room and finding out I'm going to have to speak in front of a bunch of people and I didn't know anything about it. I was freaking out a little bit at first. It was much better organized than these things had been in the past (before it was always everyone in the same room, and there were two groups doing it at once and it was crowded and hard to hear anyone and kinda chaos, this time they split up the different groups into different sessions so there's only one person talking at a time and more organized and less chaos, the only bad thing was the lack of advanced warning). After work I ran and grabbed Mary Beth and we went up to Asian Palace for Courtney's birthday. A bunch of people were there. Even saw Shefali who I hadn't seen in well over a decade. Though I think my armpits stank and Josh smelled them so that's pretty embarrassing. Came home to a package from the Barnes and Nobel Criterion sale: Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Ghost World, Blow-Up, Bicycle Thieves, and Stalker (the last one was a pre-order and it's really not even out til next Tuesday, so I super-have to make sure I watch it before then to uh, I dunno, make the most of it or something?).


Jul. 13th, 2017 05:22 pm
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Last night I worked on editing and cleaning up a bunch of the Memphis Concrète set recordings. Amy had interviewed a few of the musicians playing and wanted their recordings for the Sonosphere podcast. And as that's a current project anyway, I just shifted focus and did those that I hadn't already done next. There's on more she remembered later so I'll have to get that one next when I get a chance. Also getting those recordings out to the respective musicians so progress is being made there. Today was another day at work. I got a bunch more paperwork to fill out online and then towards the end of the day, maybe even less than an hour ago, I got the official word that I'm starting work as a ServiceMaster employee on Monday. Woohoo. Yeah, really that's about it for now.
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Yesterday evening I met Luis up at Kroger. He's about to go on a trip to Portugal so I was going to pay him for the merch sold at the show, some of which he wanted paid in Memphis Concrète t-shirts for his labelmates back in the old country. We also stood around the Kroger parking lot a while and chatted about shit. Right as we were leaving, a guy came up to us with some sage advice. That we shouldn't shop there, instead we should go to Cash Saver. He had an expressively disdainful face to match. Kroger charges too much, as he looked with disgust at his crumpled receipt. He would have gone to Cash Saver but for an unfortunate event where he was banned for disorderly behavior, due to having been drunk at the time. Well, then after a night of restful sleep it was back to work today. What else? I think that's about it for now.
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I finished reading United States of Banana by Giannina Braschi last night. It was okay. I'd read bits of it to Mary Beth here and there and it flowed best when read aloud. I went in this morning and signed the offer. So after a little bit more paperwork I went and took a drug test. So the ball is at least rolling for my employment switcharoo. I came home to this in the mail: Karlheinz Stockhausen: Klavierstücke I-XI, Mikrophonie I & II. Aside from that, well that's about it.


Jul. 10th, 2017 05:47 pm
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Our big day-defining activity yesterday was getting lunch buffet at India Palace. We had the typical indian lunch buffet reaction of being super-full and immobile and just rolling around in our fullness for most of the day. We ended up later watching Jeanne Dielman, 23, Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles. It was fucking fantastic. Definitely slow. In the beginning, while I was appreciating it, it did feel a little draggy (mundane/tedious, and I was enjoying or at least appreciating it, especially the composition which was spectacular throughout and even in theory what she was doing with the tedium as it's clearly an essential part of the film). However, after a while something pretty astonishing happens. With the gradual shift in repetition, the same mundane activities start to become, in and of themselves, compelling and riveting. Partly due to the subtle and gradual shifts and decay in routine activities, but also there's a hypnotic effect that starts to pull you in. All in all it's a pretty astonishing film in both theory and execution and it does some pretty amazing things with the medium. After that we watched the latest episode of Twin Peaks. Now it's halfway through!

Work today was mostly normal. I did get an email asking if I'd gotten the email with my offer. I hadn't gotten the offer email, just the email about the email. Later in the day I followed up again and it was waiting for my manager to sign something. So I tracked him down and he did and right before I left I got the email. So I have my offer! I'm going to review it a little bit before I sign it. I likely will, we'll see how it goes.


Jul. 9th, 2017 09:56 am
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My modular isn't broken after all! And my power supply is sufficiently adequate! What was the problem?, you ask. Me being dumb, as usual. As I said, it's approaching full so it's getting a bit crammed in there as I install the modules towards the end and try to reach behind them with dwindling space. I'd plugged on module only halfway into the pins so the circuit was broken and I guess it's all in serial or something. Or maybe more likely there's some kind of shut-off mechanism if something weird is going on with the power. So after unplugging a bunch of modules and looking around with a flashlight at the remaining internal connections, I found that problem and solved it. A little later I found that I'd committed the cardinal sin with my new 4MS module: I'd plugged it in upside down! The red stripe was going UP and everything! Luckily, it's a module with stellar build quality and protections against user stupidity so it's fine. Everything else was powering on, none of its lights were on but it was my first time using it and I didn't know if any would be on while not being used. But as soon as I connected a patch cable from another module to it, everything shut down. So I knew something was wrong and then, derp. Okay. So once I got everything in functioning and normal order again I played around with it for a good bit. I'm so relieved it didn't end up being anything worse and everything is able to work fine. I do need to be a damn deal more careful though, yikes!

What else yesterday? Mary Beth and I went up to Two Rivers where Impossible Language was being held. It was packed as hell. Had to stand in the back. It was also really hot with more people in there than it's meant to hold. But it wasn't too long. Heather had to be somewhere so it was going to close relatively early. The readings were good. After that Mary Beth and I went to La Michoacana and had some paletas! Woohoo! First time there since they moved to the new location. I don't think I knew they were in a new location. It's in the same strip mall thingie, but in a bigger shop a few doors down. It's real nice. Much like the original but bigger. The colors are nice and pastel and bright. Then we went to Overton Park. Squirrel Nut Zippers were playing a free concert at the Shell. We parked kinda nearby and walked over. We stayed a little bit. More to just hang out in the general area. It was crowded as hell. We stood nearby for a few songs and then walked around the park some, mostly towards the war memorial area. After getting home I finished watching I Love Dick and it was really good. More tv. That's about it for now.


Jul. 8th, 2017 09:07 am
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So I put in my two new modules, get my case reorganized, everything set up and ready to go. Then I plug it in and none of the modules are powering up. The case has power, the lights on the case and power supply are lighting up, but none of the modules are lighting up. Two things I can think of. My case is almost full (where it's starting to be a real pain to put things in with the limited open area I have to reach and get behind stuff) so the modules I put in may be the straw that "broke" the power supply's back (more power being drawn than it can handle). That's pretty likely. I'm pretty sure the Morphagene is a power-sucker. I can try unplugging a few things and seeing if that gets the rest running. The other thing it might be is I plugged something in wrong and fucked some shit up. Here's hoping it's not that. I may end up having to upgrade my power supply which will be a pain in the butt, but we'll see. That'd be better than breaking all my shit, of course.


Jul. 7th, 2017 06:00 pm
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So I work from home a little bit in the morning so I can get up to the post office when they open. I also decided to swing by Kinkos Just-In-Case (as I had my other package redirected there and it was arriving didn't say it was there YET, but I thought while I was on the way I might as well check just in case). Well, that just ate a bunch of my time for nothing. But at the post office I finally got my package!: Tony Conrad: Early Minimalism Volume One box set. Okay, so I rushed and made it to work and managed to make it in before the stand up was over at least. Finally got my angular thing completely working (and integrated with the other, backend application) and tested so that's something. After work my package was ready at Kinkos so I went there and picked it up and got the really exciting shit! (a couple modules!): Make Noise Morphagene and 4MS Shifting Inverting Signal Mingler. Really excited about this and ready to do some real fun shit with this! Minor thing I forgot to mention in my last post. Wednesday night I got around to editing the next two Memphis Concrète. These were also pretty noisy but a bit distorted. I did a little cleanup but only noise reduction (it was too distorted for de-clipping to work right). But I wasn't sure how much to clean it up as it sounded a little neutered fully noise reduced. So I mixed a non-processed version next to the processed version to clean it up a little bit but still have some edge. Not sure if it actually made any difference or not though.


Jul. 6th, 2017 08:06 pm
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During my lunch break I went to my post office to pick up a package for a notice I received yesterday. Well, it turns out that they took it back out for delivery again today. So that was kinda a waste. But I was set to meet Amy to interview for the Sonosphere podcast. Since I was planning on going to the post office anyway I had us meet at Midtown Crossing. It was a really good conversation. I'm not sure how much great stuff I said interview-wise, but we just sat around and talked for a while about music and the festival and just other general conversation before. Anyway, it was a good chat and had a good time and I hopefully said some decent stuff but I wasn't really event focused on it as an interview which was cool I guess. Probably because we waited until after we ordered to really get started and were just chatting before and the interview kinda went into it from there. I stayed a little late 'cuz going back into midtown (/crosstown) made it a pretty long lunch. Back home Mary Beth and I started in on a little bit of I Love Dick. Anything else? I guess that's about it for now.


Jul. 5th, 2017 06:21 pm
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Yesterday Mary Beth and I met my dad for a late lunch at Gus's. So that was, of course, delicious. After that we took a little bit of a walk in Overton Park. What else? I did some editing of the festival music. Saturday's recordings don't sound nearly as bad as I was anticipating from my cursory sampling. I edited out two of the sets and one of 'em I ran through the software I'd gotten for cleanup and it did well, the other didn't need it (it was a little noisy anyway and trying out the cleanup software did some weird phasing and it really didn't need it anyway, I don't think). Also, Mary Beth and I started in on Fargo as well as the third season of Broad City. We also played some more Decipher. I think that's the main heft of our holiday pseudo-weekend. It was a pretty great time together, me and Mary Beth. Today it was back to work. Fine, did some work. I finally got an email from hr about being hired on. I was sent a link to fill out the application. So hopefully I'll be hearing back soon with my offer. We shall see. Also, I neglected to mention in an earlier post that the Tuesday before last I finished reading Arcadia by Tom Stoppard, which is a shame as I wanted to talk some about how great it was. I mean, the whole thing is really good, but as it builds up into that last scene where the timelines are overlapping it jumps up even more degrees of amazingness. I could word that better, I'm sure, but whatever.
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Mary Beth and I went for a walk up to the park yesterday afternoon. We were going to go to the Brooks to look at some exhibits but had forgotten they're closed on Mondays. So we just went walking in the old forest instead. It was a pleasant little frolic. Then had a nice rest of the day. I bought and downloaded Izotope RX so I can hopefully do whatever cleanup I'm able on Saturday's Memphis Concrète recordings. We'll see. Mary Beth and I watched episode eight of Twin Peaks (rewatch for me, but she hadn't seen it yet). So good! Then we started in on the second season of Better Call Saul and started GLOW as well. Late into the night we played a few games of Decipher. And we just overall had a good time together yesterday. Nice long long afternoon to evening.


Jul. 3rd, 2017 02:27 pm
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Yesterday evening Mary Beth and I went downtown and took a walk across the Big River Crossing (the walkway across the old train bridge that's on the side where cars used to drive across...a hundred years sixty-eight years ago...on wooden beams as evinced by the ruins). Anyway, hadn't done it yet so it was pretty cool to do so. We walked all the way across the Arkansas and back. The effect of the air being just slightly hazy gave a painterly cast the the whole of the scenery. Also enjoyed, as it was getting dark, watching all the spiders rapidly and methodically repairing their webs. I'd been working on this thing in angular 2, uploading a file and all. I'd been having trouble. The ui came together fast but making it work wasn't happening. This morning I had my breakthrough in what I was missing and boom it started to click! Anyway, it was a nice quick part of a day at work and now I'm off early 'cuz of the holiday tomorrow! Pretty nice, yo.
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Had a little ceremony for Horace's "birthday." Still had the bags of his fluid solution (water and electrolytes, "lactated ringers"...injected gatorade for pets?). We cut those open and poured them out in the garden area underneath the window in front (in our pseudo-porch) that he loved to go out and sit at so much. Said a few words. Cried. Missed Horace. We took it easy most of the day. I eventually went up to Growlers to see the Spiral Stairs show. I should have left a few hours later. I was trying not to get there too early, but there were a lot of opening bands and I got there at the end of the first one's set. Getting to shows early is too ingrained in my blood. And I was there alone so it was a bit boring for a while. Boink! played and they were alright. Tim of Fuck's current band I guess (I think Alex from the Flyer was playing keyboard). Silly little light songs. Some of it was alright. Snowglobe was Snowglobe, never really liked them going back to the way back. Some of the guys in the band are in Spiral's backing band. So after sitting there for a few hours I finally got to see him. It was okay. That might be a little generous. It was mostly pretty boring. His more recent stuff (counting everything post-Pavement, and honestly a little of the Pavement stuff towards the end there too) is pretty bland. He played a few Pavement songs: "Date with Ikea," "Kennel District," "Passat Dream," and "Two States" (the latter being what he closed with). So a heavy repping of Brighten the Corners. Not exactly a dream set, but hearing those songs were the highlights of the show. I'm glad I at least checked it out, but I do feel a little longing that I missed the Nots show last night. Slept in a bit today and woke up to the smell of Trudy's poop as an alarm clock. Good morning!


Jul. 1st, 2017 12:35 pm
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Mary Beth and I went up to Crosstown Arts to see Wu Fei perform. She was at Big Ears but we weren't able to catch her performance there. She did a lot of talking about her life story and her journey through music and it was all very interested. She talked about her instrument, the guzheng (a Chinese zither). She played classic Chinese pieces as well as her own recent compositions and improvisations. It was a pretty unique blend of old and new. At one point she had a "prepared" piece where she put key rings on some of the strings. She did some singing in places and it was very nice. Her family traveled with her (she currently lives in Nashville). During one piece her kids started talking or laughing or something from the back of the room and it blended nicely with the music. And she was wearing a blue Chinese dress and bright pink cowboy boots (another nod to her national and cultural duality). It was a very enjoyable performance. Oh and talk of her time studying at Mills College studying under Pauline Oliveros and Fred Frith. Amy and Chris from Sonosphere put it on and it seemed to be a big success. It sold out and all. So that's cool. Was going to go to a couple other shows last night but ended up staying in. Today would have been Horace's "11th birthday" (i.e. I took him in 11 years ago). Still miss him so much.

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