Sep. 4th, 2017

Good Times

Sep. 4th, 2017 09:46 am
ateolf: (The Metamorphosis)
Had a pretty eventful day yesterday (at least in terms of watching stuff). Went with Jacques and grabbed lunch at Huey's before going to a movie. We saw Good Time and it was really damn good. The soundtrack, of course, was really damn good (coincidence I'm listening to Oneohtrix Point Never now as I'm still just going through the cds I got on my trip, etc.). The movie was really tense and uncomfortable at lot of the time (I don't wanna give too much away). Watched the whole thing and didn't even realize the main dude is the Twilight dude. All the acting was really good. After going back home, Mary Beth and I walked over to the park and walked around. A marginally funny anecdote: before we crossed the bridge on our way back someone complimented my pink chucks, Mary Beth then said something about everyone liking my shoes while crossing the bridge, then right on the other side someone else complimented them. Just kinda funny timing. Then last night was the grand finale with the last two episodes of Twin Peaks: the Return. Damn it was really good. Not quite sure if I'm sad to see it over, 'cuz we got so much. I loved the way it ended in something completely different. I thought Sheryl Lee's part was great, especially after not seeing much of her outside of flashbacks throughout the season. Oh man. I need to rewatch ALL of it from season one through Fire Walk with Me to season 3 again. Now it's labor day and I'm sitting around in my underwear. Alright!

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