May. 10th, 2017


May. 10th, 2017 07:35 pm
Last night Amogh accompanied me to the Indie Memphis screening of Catfight. It was free tickets to members and I had one extra. The movie was okay. I don't think Amogh liked it. He said it was unnecessarily violent. It was a bit violent and way over-the-top and the fighting is I guess set up as comedy but then drags out to be uncomfortable, which I think is the point. I think. Today at work was okay. I was tired. The webhooks I'd spent so much time on were "finally deployed." Those quotes are 'cuz I realized I was a fucking moron and just completely forgot about some pieces. The main webhook part is part of the api pipeline and gets deployed automatically when set up. But the other piece isn't web based and is just a windows service so it has to be manually deployed so I completely forgot about that (also forgot about the thing that needs to be put in the database and registering the webhook with kinesis). So I really just dropped the ball and forgot all kinds of shit. A pretty low moment for me there. I came home and worked on getting the Memphis Concrète shirt design working. Still gotta think on that if I should go through with it and how many shirts and all that. We will see.

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