Apr. 16th, 2017

ateolf: (me and Leala)
Got Jacques to give me a ride to pick up my car so that's done and I have a car now and we were able to do fun things like finally go to the grocery store! Later in the evening was Condomonium. Mary Beth accompanied me and we walked over to Playhouse. It was pretty cool. Looked at some of the costumes/dresses (none were quite like the Van Gogh's "Starry Nights" via condoms dress they have on display up at Choices from a previous year, but there was still good stuff). There was a cabaret down in the basement. Some burlesque, some drag, some comedy, some music. The first thing we saw was burlesque to Grimes's "Genesis" (there was some Rammstein burlesque later that was a little lacking). This one drag we saw later was really good. Cole (am I spelling her name right?) who we used to work with back at relay was really funny (seen her once before at another Choices benefit a year or so ago...enjoyed her material then too). Lisa was mcing and was funny in her little bits. Okay, upstairs for the fashion show. Lizz Winstead was the host (she's one of the creators of the Daily Show) along with D'Lo (in costume as his Sri Lankan mother). First there was an auction of a few things. Dinner with Steve Cohen was first and his presence was enjoyable as usual (all things given, at least we have an awesome congressman). Then it was the condom-laden fashion show. Ooh and someone brought a bulldog on stage, which I know can be a cheap move...but it was a bulldog on stage and it was awesome. There was more cabaret downstairs for a little bit, but it was about time for my volunteer shift. I'd signed up for clean-up as that's the one no one else had signed up for at the time. When I got there (after trying to find what was going on, I guess it's the end of the event and things are a little looser) there was one other volunteer for that shift. First to pick up cups and stuff. I took it upon myself to clean the auditorium and I'll just say that people are animals. I mean, we know this, but I'll say it again. Can't say I've never been guilty of leaving a cup behind at my seats at an event. But it needs reiterating, people are animals. Then moving Choics's stuff into the room by the back door and finally into a car. Then we walked home and I passed out. There you go.

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