Apr. 6th, 2017


Apr. 6th, 2017 06:10 pm
Last night Mary Beth introduced me to some Red Dwarf which I had never seen before and the few episodes I saw were really dern funny. She also noticed a had a little bit of a rash on my stomach. Hm. I noticed she was right. Then I wake up this morning and it's spread on my arms and other places. I felt it a little bit on my left arm but it seemed to let up some throughout the day and I don't feel it anymore. Hope I just don't have some damn rash on me and this resolves. Work was kinda annoying today. Felt like I was making progress on the thing I was working on then all these jboss issues popped up in test and I got tied up and sucked away into that and didn't really accomplish a damn thing this afternoon. Balls. Also, the guy from Holy Gallows seems to have gotten mad at me about the festival and money. He had asked for an amount and I said we couldn't meet that guarantee and then he said I don't know how to negotiate. Okay. I'll try to nicen things up in an email later. Don't expect him to end up playing now, but wouldn't want to leave things on a bad note with anyone. Definitely not my intention. Okay!

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