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Birthdate:Jul 21
Location:Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America
Website:The Family Ghost
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absurdism, aphex twin, art punk, atari 2600, atonality, autechre, bad brains, bardo pond, bauhaus, bedhead, big black, black flag, blonde redhead, boredoms, brian eno, buzzcocks, cabaret voltaire, can, captain beefheart, cat power, chrome, ciccone youth, coil, crass, david cronenberg, david lynch, daydream nation, dead kennedys, devo, disco inferno, dissonance, dna, dogs, drums, edp wasp, ernest hemingway, faust, flying saucer attack, franz kafka, free jazz, free kitten, galaxie 500, gang of four, gary numan, gastr del sol, glenn branca, goblin, godspeed you black emperor, helium, iggy pop, j.g. ballard, jesus and mary chain, joan of arc, john coltrane, josef k, joy division, king tubby, kraftwerk, larry david, leonard cohen, liars, lou reed, low, mars, martin scorsese, math, meat puppets, melt banana, metal urbain, minutemen, mission of burma, modular synthesizers, mogwai, moogerfoogers, moonshake, mx-80, my bloody valentine, nes, neu!, new order, nico, no wave, noise, ornette coleman, pavement, pere ubu, philip k. dick, poem rocket, polvo, public enemy, public image ltd., radiohead, ramones, raymond scott, red transistor, roxy music, savage republic, scientist, section 25, seinfeld, sentridoh, sex pistols, shellac, silver apples, silvertone, siouxsie and the banshees, skinny puppy, sonic youth, stanley kubrick, suicide, sun ra, swans, swell maps, synths, talking heads, television, the birthday party, the black heart procession, the clash, the contortions, the cure, the dead c, the electric eels, the fall, the family ghost, the misfits, the modern lovers, the pop group, the simpsons, the slits, the stooges, the velvet underground, this heat, thomas pynchon, throbbing gristle, tom waits, trans am, tristeza, two dollar guitar, u2, unwound, whitehouse, william s. burroughs, wire, wolf eyes, writing, xiu xiu, y pants, yo la tengo, yoko ono
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