The Beach

Sep. 3rd, 2017 09:59 am
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Looked at my modular to see if I could replicate the power issue from Friday night but I was not able to, which leads me to believe the power's just wonky in that weird house. Maybe I need to get some kind of battery supply if we're going to practice there. I also replaced the battery in my big muff so it was fun to just play with that again too. Mary Beth and I watched McCabe & Mrs. Miller which was good. Then I went up to a show at Beach House (the place I'd practiced the night before). I was a little early so for a while I'm standing there alone awkwardly like the old guy at the show. After a while Betsy and David and Phoebe showed up so I wasn't alone anymore. Also more people filled up the place anyway, diffusing what would have been awkwardness. I talk about this as if I'm complaining, I'm more just humorously observing. Being awkward doesn't bother me as much as it may have used to. Okay, so finally some music happened. Evangelion was first and eh. Kinda 80s centered beats and the music part was pretty good, but once the dude started singing... He was doing an over-the-top new romantic thing and it was pretty bad. It worked a little better on this one song they did where the other guy picked up a bass and they did this 80s funk thing. Model Zero was the second band. It was kinda cool 'cuz they set up in the other room. They were okay. At time they had a lot of promise. They backed a lot of songs with this old rhythm box drum machine and some synth, but they usually just forged on with some straight-ahead garage rock'n'roll over it. They did have at least one song I thought was really good. Overall, the bass player was too busy too. Last was Aquarian Blood and they were really good. Still a bit of the garage rock thing, but sufficiently noisy with interesting stuff going on. Kinda sorta similar to Nots in that regard (though their rock'n'roll bits are a bit more straightforward). Singer had two mics, one clean and one through delay she'd switch back and forth with. Both those bands had a big Lost Sounds influence looming over them. It was definitely a fun show. It was pretty hot inside the small rooms where the shows happened, but then real nice and cool outside. But then there were mosquitoes biting really bad outside. But then the main show room had an open window so they were there too. I did get a lot of bites, but I powered through. Fun show anyway. Yah.


Sep. 2nd, 2017 09:25 am
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Mary Beth and I took a bit of a walk in the old forest yesterday afternoon. Got to walk by the dog park and see the fruits of my mulching work, woo. A little later I had a first practice with the big version of Nonconnah (well, first practice for me with any version of Nonconnah). It was the usual setup with Zachary playing his guitar and Denny playing percussion, Dominic was playing his modular and Kate was playing violin and Joshua was playing um, I forget the name but it's like a cello with more strings, and I played my Prophet (funny story 'cuz I'd intended that to be an auxiliary instrument with my main instrument being my guitar through my modular, but I get there and the modular is intermittently cutting out power-wise (so I probably hooked up one of the power cables wrong, ugh) and then my big muff wasn't making any sound (probably a dying battery) so none of my main instrument was working right so my auxiliary became my only instrument). Pretty cool we just fell into jamming for a long while. Though I don't think the string players were too into it (coming from a more orchestral background, I don't think they're too into or used to or understand free-form, unstructured music). They stopped everyone kinda towards the end and were sort of like this isn't going anywhere. They said they liked parts early on, but... Then they mentioned a thing I was doing at one point when I had the arpeggiator going so we did a "short" ten minute thing at the end with the arpeggiator as the backbone and I think they liked that better. I could see them going either way, losing interest and falling out of it or sticking around if they do think there's enough structure to latch onto. Jack would have been there on bass but he had a work emergency (something to do with construction on the new ServiceMaster building). Kelley was there and I guess she'd play guitar but she was busy getting ready for the show the next night (that's tonight). We practiced at her place: Beach House (it's a little derelict house in a sort of middle-of-nowhere industrial zone just south of downtown). It's the first time I'd been there. Well, we'll see how this works in the future.


Sep. 1st, 2017 02:34 pm
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Watched L'Avventura last night (think I'm going to work on catching up on some Antonioni I haven't seen before I possibly go rewatch one of his movies in the theater). It was really good. Thinking I like it but not as much as his others while watching it, but it's one of those stay-with-you-the-next day movies and I spent some time turning over the things I liked about it and other things and connecting different things and it's definitely blossoming in my esteem. Otherwise, today I worked some. There was a call about this production thing so I was working on that through lunch. My parents had contacted me about meeting for lunch, but got held up at the doctor's office. It's a holiday weekend so we'd get off early so I ended up just leaving after lunchtime and going home and eating lunch there. Now it's the weekend! Woo.


Aug. 31st, 2017 04:38 pm
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Had a pretty interesting evening yesterday. I went up to Muddy's to meet this guy named Ricky. He met Chris at this circuitbending festival in Nashville. He just recently moved to Memphis, he's irish, he's starting a company that makes electronic stuff including a eurorack module and doing educational electronic stuff with Stax Academy. He may do some workshops with like abelton and doing stuff with code (like maybe pure logic and maybe more). So maybe we'll be doing some stuff together in the future. He gave me a cd of his music (Signalsundertests: Nascent). I also ate cupcakes. I was back at regular work today. There was a tornado warning right after lunch and we gathered in a hallway for a few minutes. I left a little early to get ahead of the traffic with the bad weather. What we're getting is a tiny, faint whisper of Harvey. And I'm driving home thinking the amount of rain is insane and...yeah, it's nothing. Gives you a little pause. I'm going to a little bit of work from home now.


Aug. 30th, 2017 02:57 pm
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Last night Mary Beth watched the most recent episode of Rick and Morty. So that's something. Today was the second and last day of my new hire orientation at work. It's the day we get on a shuttle and drive around to different places. Our first stop was the call center. Just about across the street from the old relay call center. Not too many surprises there, it's a call center. I did see Lorena who I worked with at relay back in the day, pretty sure she was one of my supervisors at one point (though I had a succession of many). I was walking by in a group and she was a bit of a ways away but she smiled and waved and I smiled and waved back. I was pretty sure there'd be someone from relay working there, I probably saw more that I just didn't recognize. Next we went to the fsg training center, which was nearby. They have different areas for different brands where they do training. The coolest part is there's this house built inside that's the flood house, that they flood several times a year to train for the stuff they do for flooded houses, of course. We had lunch then we went out to the local Terminix branch. It's actually real close to where I live. Didn't even realize it was over there. They have a little collection of bugs they keep to show off. There's some termites (but not much to look at in the dirt) some hissing cockroaches and a scorpion. The scorpion didn't move at all though (it's a pretty big one though). There used to be a tarantula but that died. Anyway, yeah now I'm back and we ended even earlier than yesterday so uh, woo and hoo.
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Today was an interesting day at work. I finally went to the new hire orientation (I had initially been signed up for last month's but we had some planning sessions and they got it moved to this month). Okay, so it's day one of a two day thing. Today was mostly people from different departments coming in and talking about various things. Tomorrow we go out to a bunch of different locations so that should be exciting. Someone in the class was a math teacher right before this. She taught for a year at a private school. On the one hand she had to teach five different subjects (five different lessons every day! and they were about to bump her up to six this coming school year before she got this job opportunity). On the other hand, she had a total of sixty students (in a school with a total of ninety students). Win some lose some I guess. For perspective, years when I had three subjects were absolutely hell (even two is really tough). Also, I had around 180 students at any given time. Just reflecting on that. Oh, and we had headshots taken. This was apparently mentioned in an email and that email suggested professional attire. I didn't read this email so I came dressed regularly. I mean, still on the professional side, dress shirt no tie. But I'm marginally unshaven and wasn't dressed for a picture. Ah well.
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Yesterday Mary Beth and I went up to Hattiloo to see this play called Ruined by Lynn Nottage. It was really good, about the wars in the Congo and this brothel. Good use of Fanta, I must say (and I was glad to have gotten some orange soda just the day before, which was unusual since I rarely get or drink it). Later at night we watched the latest episode of Twin Peaks. MILD SPOILER ALERT (not that anyone reads this thing): ) Only one more week left! (shocked-face!) I'm getting a show set up at the Hi-Tone for September 25th (a Monday) with an out-of-town noise band and hopefully some promising local folks I haven't played with before. We shall see. Also I came home to some exciting mail with Tangerine Dream: Miracle Mile soundtrack (it's a new two disc edition and it even has some tracks that are "music effects" so that's pretty damn sweet). Alright, I think that's about it for now. Oh, at work the little google hangout chat with those folks in my fasttrack class randomly bubbled up again after over a year with no activity. Good to hear a little bit of what those dudes are up to.

Low Impact

Aug. 27th, 2017 07:34 am
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We took Trudy to the vet yesterday morning for a checkup. She did pretty well but got pretty upset when they stuck something up her butt. In the afternoon I watched Inside Llewyn Davis, which was good. Mary Beth and I briefly went on a little walk, looked at the new Ballet Memphis building which I guess is finished. Jacques came over and we went to the cast and crew screening of High Impact Despondency (the movie we did the soundtrack for). Pretty cool to see the finished or almost-finished product. I thought it was funny that the thing we went back and forth the most over with redoing and rerecording, the intro to "Blood of Destruction," well, the movie has the original version. We watched it in their little office space and there were more people than the room could fit, but we managed to find a way to fit anyway. Tonally, the movie's a bit of a mess, but it was still fun to watch. Afterwards, since we were downtown anyway, Jacques and I grabbed some Gus's. I came home and it wasn't super late yet, so I watched Lady Snowbloody: Love Song of Vengeance, and that was another enjoyable movie. I've been awake for a little while. I'm not sure why I woke up so damn early. Oh well.
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Went up to the Concourse for a bit last night. We thought there was a certain restaurant called Lucky Cat there but didn't find it. Then we thought we found it elsewhere in town but didn't find it there either. Mystery restaurant! Not really a whole lot else. Just wanted to report the Case of the Disappearing Restaurant.


Aug. 25th, 2017 05:18 pm
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Put my new modules in my case and played with them last night. Yay! Still able to play with the ribbon even though it doesn't fit in the rack. I got an email back from Synthrotek and they'll just do a simple swap if I send it back in (waiving the restocking fee since the ribbons are so easy to test). So that's nice. Also went out to get this drain cleaner to fight these damn sink flies we've been having trouble with. Not sure if it worked yet. I'd hope so, there were sink flies this morning but maybe the results take a little while to see. At work I met Zachary for lunch at Las Delicias. He's pretty disgruntled with Memphis due to the lack of people showing up at the shows. Had a meeting about getting another developer on our team, it's going to be through some organization called tech901 that trains people making a career change (kinda like me a couple years ago). So we'll kinda be mentoring someone for a few months or whatever. Okay now I'm home. There's my post! No there's not! I keep forgetting about these shirts I got. I got a Nonconnah shirt from Zachary at the show the other night, it has a woodblock picture of a house on fire. I also got this weird shirt for free from my Synthrotek order. It says "New Age Music" and has a drawing of a Yanni-type dude playing flute. And that's it.
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So work and blah blah blah and the usual and then I came home. And I came home to a couple sweet packages in the mail! One was from Synthrotek who'd had a b-stock sale so I got a few modules really cheap: MST Ribbon (the interface module and a module that's a little ribbon), Atari Punk Console, and Dirt filter. I'm a little concerned the, ribbon isn't the size I ordered and this won't fit in my case, hm. What I got will fill my case exactly and this is too wide! Gadzooks! I'll contact the company and see about it. Also got an order from Control. See, those modules brought my case only 2hp from being filled up so I figured I might as well seal the deal. So I ordered a 2hp Freez. While I was at it I ordered a bunch of Creel Pone cds: Radovanović Pignoń Devčić Kalčić: Elektronski Studio Radio Beograda, v/a: Música Nueva Latinoamericana, Lejaren Hiller: Avalanche/Nightmare Music/Suite for Two Pianos and Tape/Computer Music for Tape and Percussion, Klaus Röder: Elektronische Kompositionen, Francis Jeannin: Chime du Son, and Andrés Lewin-Richter: Música Electroacústica. Very exciting! Hm. Looking at my receipt it looks like I did order the wrong size for the ribbon. I'll contact the manufacturer and see if I can swap it out anyway. Now I should put stuff together. And eat first, actually.


Aug. 23rd, 2017 06:48 pm
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Played an impromptu show with Nonconnah last night. Denny doesn't do weekday shows anymore and I was going to go up to watch anyway and Zachary invited me to play. So I brought the modular along. It was at the pandh. The first band to play was Stoic Automaton. They were pretty bad. They were instrumental and played what felt like one continuous limp riff. I mean, their set wasn't continuous, it was broken up into different songs. But it was mostly here's a midtempo riff and okay the drums are weakly tapping along behind. Also their timing was a bit shaky. There were a few exceptions, they were better the few times they played faster (I mean, generally I'd think riffs would be the slower the better, but they handled it better faster and they never played that slow to begin with). Okay, I've been raggin' on this band. They weren't the worst thing but they weren't good. Well, speaking of good, the second band was White Gregg from Knoxville and they were really damn good. I mean, they were really fucking good, okay? Their sound was in a trajectory somewhere between US Maple and Shellac. They were sorta jazzy no wave, but not super chaotic and while expansive, their timing was rigid. But they weren't without noise. Also some notes of The Fall and maybe parts of Can. Also, I'm comparing them to stuff but the great thing about 'em is that the overall picture isn't quite like anything else. So yeah, it was fantastic and I was really impressed. I picked up a 12" and a tape. Talked to them afterwards and sure enough they're friends with Cain (Tatras)! Some of 'em have played in bands with him in the past. Really goddamn cool. Small world, but I guess Knoxville's a small city so it shouldn't be too surprising. Anyway, Nonconnah played last. It was probably alright. I just droned and tried more to just stay behind and enhance Zachary's guitar playing. Anyway, then I worked and stuff. There's another Nonconnah show tonight (it was an accident that they got scheduled two in a row). I wasn't too too tired at work but shortly before coming home it hit me. Two late show nights in a row on work nights would probably be a bit much so I'm gonna stay in and rest. There I go from rocker to weiner.


Aug. 22nd, 2017 05:49 pm
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Mary Beth and I watched that most recent episode of Rick and Morty last night. Then we played this game she got in Portsmouth called Monarch. It was pretty cool. She beated me up. Okay. There was work today. Pretty productive. Not much else. Zachary asked me about playing with Nonconnah tonight at the p&h. We'll see.
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The things I did running around yesterday: dropped peppers off on people's porches, drove out to Barlett to pick up eclipse glasses for Mary Beth (I got some from someone at work but there were none for her! and I found out there's a place that makes 'em here and they were selling 'em outside their plant), and went back to Outdoors Inc. to pick up a bike carrier for the car. Then in the evening Mary Beth and I caught up on the new season of Rick and Morty by starting a free trial with sling (another episode went up last night so we'll be able to watch that but doubt we'll keep it after the week's up). And of course we watched the latest episode of Twin Peaks. A little sad getting the final confirmation that Bowie wasn't able to make it in the show, but it was still really good and I did enjoy how they worked in Phillip Jeffries.

Today was the big ol' day of the big ol' eclipse. While Memphis isn't in the path of the totality it's at least like 94% or something. So it was going to be a pretty good show. It started off a little earlier than expected and people were stretching to look up out the conference room windows. So I got a look and the moon was making its way about a quarter across or so. So I went outside with a group of people a little early to watch. We saw it move from about halfway across to three-quarters. Then the clouds started and only got more and more intense. So by the time it got to the totality (or at least as close as it got here) it was completely obscured. Ah well. What I did get the chance to see was pretty great. It did look a lot like a crescent moon, but more orange. It was kinda a neat effect as it covered more and we weren't in line for full coverage so it was a little off-center and we were getting kind of a lop-sided crescent. Mary Beth at least fared much better in midtown and didn't have cloud issues and got to see the whole thing. Okay, well that's my eclipse story. There you go!


Aug. 20th, 2017 09:16 am
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Had a pretty active day yesterday. After doing grocery shopping, I went to Outdoors Inc. and bought myself a fuckin' bicycle! Big moment, made possible by the birthday money my dad gave me (intended to go towards getting a bike). And other glamorous things like a helmet and a pump. My weight was referenced when talking about tire pressure in the context of "big guys such as yourself need to be careful...". Well, maybe if I actually use the damn thing regularly it'll help bring my weight back down. Haven't really used it yet other than test riding it around a parking lot. When I got home I was just pouring sweat from standing around in that hot ass goddamn sun. Jacques came over for a few minutes yesterday and he gave me a copy of Bippp: French Synth Wave 1979-85 as he had a duplicate copy 'cuz he got this one with the case cracked. Okay, then I went up to the grand opening celebration of the Crosstown Concourse. I knew there'd be a lot of people but goddamn it was way more packed than I'd even anticipated. I mean, just wall-to-wall people thronging in this huge space and outside and in different rooms and areas and floors. Black Lodge had a tent outside and I stopped by and they were talking about the new space that actually is going to open this time. No longer Cooper-Young but in a space in crosstown across the street from the Hi-Tone. Hopefully should be pretty awesome. They'll have a music performance space and I'm hoping a theater and it'll be an actual dedicated indie theater in Memphis. We'll see how and if it goes. Saw a few people around. I mainly went over to the Crosstown Arts area. That stage had the acts I'd come to see. First was Blueshift Ensemble. They were backing Harlan T. Bobo so it was really more of his show. Never really listened before. Soft country music. It wasn't bad but it wasn't particularly thrilling either. And the strings were mostly just used as barely-audible backup faintly reinforcing the acoustic guitar in the background. After a while I wandered to the balcony outside nearby and caught the very very end of I Make Mad Beats (like, the last two or three minutes of his set). It was pretty damn good and I'd wished I'd come earlier for more. After that I came back for Ben Bauermeister's set. It was good, similar to what he played at Memphis Concrète (this time I had more ability to watch and focus and notice the way the live percussion was robotically controlled, also forgot he has an all Make Noise system). And I was watching and didn't notice right away that, behind me, the Urban Ballet group had started dancing and doing a thing to his music. When I finally (well, who know how long it took maybe it wasn't long at all) noticed people paying attention to something in the other direction, I turned around to watch and it was pretty awesome. Crosstown Arts's spaces are still unfinished but you could look into the rooms and see what they'll be. Aside from the galleries there's going to be a listening room (for music and all) and that's going to be really exciting. Then back home. Anyway, was pretty fun. Alright, I guess that's about it for now.


Aug. 19th, 2017 08:18 am
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After collapsing for a bit, went out and did some errands yesterday afternoon. Though when we were in one store for a while I had to go back out to the car to lay down 'cuz my legs were too sore. Back home collapsed a little bit more and then we ended the night finishing the second season of Rick and Morty (as I splayed my near useless legs across the couch). Now I'm up after having slept a good long while. Legs still a bit sore or still but not as horridly so, at least not yet. A little stiffness in arms and shoulders and back but not too bad. Let's see how my muscles fair today!


Aug. 18th, 2017 03:07 pm
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Today was We Serve Day at ServiceMaster. Showed up to work a little early for it. I'd signed up for a thing at Overton Park. Initially, the description was to clean the trails. Got a message a few days ago that it was being changed to laying out mulch in the dog park. Goddamn. I must say it was definitely not one of those fluff assignments. (Technically it's not "mulch" but some sort of "engineered" wood chips or something that's possible to turn a wheelchair around on.) I started off with the wheelbarrows then got asked to do raking. So I raked a little while until it seemed like there were too many people on rake duty so I picked up the wheelbarrow again. Man, that wheelbarrowing was pretty tough. Also, we started by the entryway and so as it went on you had to roll the barrow over more and more freshly laid mulch, which was much harder to push the barrow over than the regular hard ground. That storm a few months back had taken down the huge tree over the entrance of the dog park and you could really feel its absence. There were lots of places with shade, but there was a lot less shade than there used to be. I think my neck got burnt a bit. By the end my legs were pretty damn sore from the barrow pushing work (they're still pretty damn sore). Though I get a pretty nice OP water bottle out of the deal. So we got back and they had food trucks and I got some barbecue nachos from Smurfey's Smokehouse and afterwards a goddamn Arnold Palmer popsicle from Mempops (goddamn that was good). There was another Make a Wish thing, where the girl went through all stories of the building. I think the thing she'd wanted this year is a trip to Italy. And then I went home early! Now I'm trying to just not move as much as possible and collapse or whatever. Ah, good to be home.


Aug. 17th, 2017 05:46 pm
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At work today I got some eclipse glasses from someone who bought 'em in bulk. So I did a success in spite of procrastinating (even though I was all like, eh, I don't care about seeing that). Anyway, the emoji for today is the smiley with sunglasses dude. I'm not going to actually include any such image so you'll need to provide one with your own imagination. Good luck!


Aug. 16th, 2017 05:50 pm
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I did my discoging last night. So that's caught up. Woo! More work today. Not a whole lot to share. But there you go. There's my life now that I'm not running around the country.


Aug. 15th, 2017 05:36 pm
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I went through all my cds, the ones I hadn't finished from the Important Records order and all the ones from my trip and beyond, and cataloged them locally. That took up pretty much the whole night. Whew! Now I just have to put 'em on discogs (which shouldn't take nearly as long, but is still an undertaking). Work today was pretty normal. I got a shirt for we serve day which is this Friday. That's about it for now. This post is a little slimmer than last night's.
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