Jul. 17th, 2017


Jul. 17th, 2017 06:10 pm
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Yesterday I met with most of the massive crowd of people that will be playing in Nonconnah up at Cafe Eclectic. Obviously Zach and Denny, plus myself and Kate, Stephen, Dominic, and Jack (there's also Kelley who couldn't make it). Mostly just talking and stuff and we'll figure out when we'll get together and actually make music together. After that Mary Beth and I watched Stalker at home (making full use of getting that dvd early!). I especially enjoyed the black and white (tinted) photography at the beginning. There was a lot of really good cinematography in it though. After that we went up to Belle Tavern for the Writers Persist thingie to hear a bunch of writers read some stuff. So it was good. Then back home to watch the latest episode of Twin Peaks. It was like, a jam-packed day or something. Today was my first day working as a full ServiceMaster employee. Not that it felt in any way different or anything, but that's pretty cool. Talked to Zach a bit about Twin Peaks and Criterion movies (the Twin Peaks is business-as-usual, the Criterion talk was a new addition).

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