Jul. 2nd, 2017

ateolf: (me and Leala)
Had a little ceremony for Horace's "birthday." Still had the bags of his fluid solution (water and electrolytes, "lactated ringers"...injected gatorade for pets?). We cut those open and poured them out in the garden area underneath the window in front (in our pseudo-porch) that he loved to go out and sit at so much. Said a few words. Cried. Missed Horace. We took it easy most of the day. I eventually went up to Growlers to see the Spiral Stairs show. I should have left a few hours later. I was trying not to get there too early, but there were a lot of opening bands and I got there at the end of the first one's set. Getting to shows early is too ingrained in my blood. And I was there alone so it was a bit boring for a while. Boink! played and they were alright. Tim of Fuck's current band I guess (I think Alex from the Flyer was playing keyboard). Silly little light songs. Some of it was alright. Snowglobe was Snowglobe, never really liked them going back to the way back. Some of the guys in the band are in Spiral's backing band. So after sitting there for a few hours I finally got to see him. It was okay. That might be a little generous. It was mostly pretty boring. His more recent stuff (counting everything post-Pavement, and honestly a little of the Pavement stuff towards the end there too) is pretty bland. He played a few Pavement songs: "Date with Ikea," "Kennel District," "Passat Dream," and "Two States" (the latter being what he closed with). So a heavy repping of Brighten the Corners. Not exactly a dream set, but hearing those songs were the highlights of the show. I'm glad I at least checked it out, but I do feel a little longing that I missed the Nots show last night. Slept in a bit today and woke up to the smell of Trudy's poop as an alarm clock. Good morning!

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