Jun. 11th, 2017

ateolf: (Mission of Blurma)
Tried to set up my raspberry pi yesterday, like I said, first with ubuntu core but that didn't seem to work so I went ahead and did raspbian. The micro sd card I had wasn't big enough though. Later in the day I went out to run a few errands. I went to home depot and picked up a couple small sheets of metal for the other sound exhibit. I also went by office max and picked up another micro sd card. So I took that home and was able to successfully install the operating system. Now I just need to set up my python script as a service that runs on startup (and wait for that audio adapter to arrive in the mail so I can test it out). At night we went up to Canvas for a show. Luis was playing. I hadn't been inside the building since it was the guitar shop (where I bought my current main guitar, the K that I love so dearly). That was quite a number of years ago. The place seems alright, though the crowd seemed a bit broey. The EGGG (Luis's band) played first. Turns out the other guy in the band is Alex, the music editor from the Flyer who's going to interview me about the festival. They were really good. At times a bit Tangerine Dream-ish. Here's my scary thought for the day: Memphis Concrète is technically next week. Holy fuck. Having difficulties getting a food truck to respond to me right now. I may have waited too long on that... We'll see.

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