Jun. 3rd, 2017


Jun. 3rd, 2017 08:51 am
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Squeezed in a little time last night and screwed in the first row of modules back into my case. When I can squeeze in a little more time the rest are gonna follow. Mary Beth and I went out to Sakura and ate a fuckton of sushi. On the way back I stopped by Spin Street to look for a replacement dvd of Forbidden Planet and found it! Kinda convenient 'cuz it's the stripped down version of the one I initially got, it just has the first disc (same disc though) without a second disc. Anyway, took it back home and we finished watching it last night. I quite enjoyed it. Of course I love how present the music is. You get this weird, groundbreaking electronic score literally like nothing that's really been heard by the public before and they didn't just kinda slip it in here and there and maybe bury it and relegate it to the background. It's really really in the forefront. Has a huge presence in the movie and is almost like another character. The visual effects are also pretty impressive for the time (some of the animated effects don't hold up as well, but not in a bad way).

Okay, so I should backtrack and mention stuff that I remembered that I had forgotten about! On Monday, Mary Beth's friend Chris (who used to live here and many years ago moved to Seattle) was back in town with his girlfriend and we met up at Sekisui and had sushi and all that (yeah, double sushi this week). Memphis Concrète sold its first tickets yesterday! This guy messaged me about set start/end times so I told him about it and then we had a little conversation about experimental music in town and Big Ears and the Sonosphere podcast. And shortly after that he bought two tickets. Pretty exciting. I felt like there was one more thing I'd forgotten but...

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